Crystal Pendant

Finished pendant (front)

Finished pendant (front)

For that “big project” I mentioned earlier, I wanted to make a pendant similar to Viking Age finds – specifically a crystal pendant.

There are a lot of reproductions available for sale, (and I have one on order from a jeweller in Poland!) but I kind of wanted to make my own crafted item, so kept my eyes open for full crystal spheres. I couldn’t find one in time, so ended up finding two Czech crystal domes instead.

To start off I taped the two domes together with masking tape. I would have liked them to have a sharper edge, but these are smooth and rounded instead. From there I wrapped the edge with adhesive metal foil, cut triangles from the foil, and added in a split ring before doing a second wrap, securing down the triangles.

From a distance, it looks very much like the photos of the original find – which I’m really happy with!


  • The crystals I bought from Beads & Plenty More for $1.10 each (two domes to make one round). They were labeled as Czech crystal.
  • The ring and metal foil adhesive were in my stash from previous projects
Close up of my crystal pendant

Close up of my crystal pendant

Sneak preview of the project I’ve been talking about – featuring that crystal pendant!

One comment on “Crystal Pendant

  1. […] caught my eye is this miniature replica of one of the crystal spheres from Gotland. I made my own DIY crafted version a while back, but this is really lovely. I would like a larger version… but this was too […]

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