Hameenlinna necklace – an A&S competition piece

My finished (version 2) necklace

My finished (version 3) necklace

In late March I entered (last second) the competition for A&S (Arts & Sciences) champion of Montengarde (Calgary’s SCA barony) taking place in mid-April. I figured that I’d enter my “Purse shaped like a lute” as well as some Viking Knit chain. While I was more interested in the technique than a period finished item, I figured that for judging, something that looked period (beyond the technique itself) would be a good idea. I ended up taking some of the chain I had already made (silver-plated copper double-knit) and had not yet allocated to another project, and trimmed it into eight pieces of one length, and four pieces of a slightly longer length (leaving a short amount left over which I used for something else).

To join the pieces, I first decided to make  my own rings (seen below) from wire – but I didn’t have heavy wire, so I took wire and twisted it to make something heavier. The rings I made were pretty, but closing them was less pretty…

For my second version, I used store-bought large rings, which was ok… I even took it to an A&S gathering and got good feedback from the people there. Still, I was a bit unsatisfied. I kept thinking “I won’t wear that, because I don’t trust those rings…” So, that meant they had to go. I picked up some heavier wire (18 gauge), referenced a photo of the originals, cut my wire into pieces, hammered the ends, formed them around a ‘mandrel’ (a highlighter…), strung them through my wire chain, and wrapped them closed, very much like the originals.

I know I usually share a LOT more detail about my process… but I’ve decided to enter this into a championship… so instead of a blog entry – I have documentation!

AS Viking Knit documentation (click link for PDF)

Making the rings for the third version

Making the rings for the third version

For the third version I cut the 18 gauge wire, hammered  the ends (at the top of the photo above) and then curved the wire around the highlighter to get the shape.

Close up of my crystal pendant

Close up of my crystal pendant

Close up on the crystal pendant along with the wrapped connection ring (and a temporary metal spangle).

Close up of the finished (version 3) rings

Close up of the finished (version 3) rings

Another view of the connection ring and how the ring connects my Trichinopoly (Viking Knit) chain. This connection also has a temporary metal round substituting in for coins – however I DO have some replica coins on order, from Alpha Officium. I placed my order on March 19th, but as of the time I finished my documentation, I didn’t yet have the order.


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