Viking Heritage Magazine

Thor's Hammer from the Vikings in BC exhibit

Thor’s Hammer from the Vikings in BC exhibit

I don’t know much about the Viking Heritage Magazine, but I wanted to record some links while I have a moment to return to it later.

Index from:

01/1996 Link to PDF
Agricultural development and early urbanization in the light of environmental changes in
Curonia 600–1200 A.D
The historical links between West Russia and Scandinavia
Certain Historical Facts on the Routes of the Vikings on the Belarussian Territory
Heritage News from Sigtuna museum

s/1996 – Link to PDF not yet found
The Viking Ship Sigrid Storráda
Viking Ships for export
A Viking Village in Överhogdahl
Assur’s Village in Upplands Bro
A book about the history of Trelleborgen
A new Viking Museum in the North of Norway
Viking Play on an island in Eken’s Archipelago
New Treasures
Even the Vikings used to write graffiti
Save the Viking pine!
New-rich in Russia are buying valuable archeologically ground


01/1997 – not available

02/1997 Link to PDF
A new silver-hoarde found on Gotland; again!
Uppåkra – a political and religious centre
The Ladby Ship – a Danish ship grave
New light on Scandinavian farmsteads in the Viking Kingdom of York
Viking Festival in Plymouth, England
Sebbersund – a Viking Town in Northern Jutland, Denmark
The Saga of the Birmingham Vikings
Anundshög – the largest burial mound in Sweden
A visit to the Troitsky excavation in Novgorod
Viking Heritage Server & Database
Follow the Vikings! – take part in an excavation of a Viking age harbor

01/1998 – not available

02/1998 – not available

03/1998 Link to PDF
The last Viking in Iceland
Islendinga – Australian reenactors
A new museum in old Uppsala
The Vikings in the Iberian peninsula, issues to consider
The excavation of a chieftain’s manor in Slöinge
A new treasury at Gotlands Fornsal
Viking Period cemeteries at Fidenäs, Gotland
Where was Leif Eiriksson’s Vinland?
The battle and market at Foteviken.
West-Viking: Norse in the Norse Atlantic.
Investigations in the Black Earth.
Florian Eibeck –

04/1998Link to PDF
Embla – a Viking ship has been reconstructed
Viking presence in France
The Giant’s graves
Fröjel Gotlandic Viking Re-enactment society
Viking invasion in Stockholm
Skalk on the internet

05/1998 Link to PDF
Embla – a Viking ship has been reconstructed
The defence of Birka – this year’s excavation of Garrison
Slavs and Vikings at Gross Strömkendorf
Male dress in Finland during the Viking age
A Viking museum in Stockholm
Rolled silver
Two strange artifacts from Fröjel Viking Age harbor

01/1999 – not available

02/1999 Link to PDF
A Viking saga – a story of pre-histories
The picturestone from Silte, Gotland
Vikings in Gotlands Fornsal 1999
The fifth “Nordisk Vikingmarked”
The Viking Market at Foteviken
The 5th Viking Festival Wolin-Jomsborg
A trelleborg in Trelleborg

03/1999 Link to PDF
Reconstructing the Costume of the Viking Age
A Viking saga – a story of prehistory
Big silver hoards found on Gotland once again
Masculine – feminine – human at Kopparsvik
An archeological excavation at Snorri Sturluson’s farm in Iceland
Scandinavians doing Russia. Part two, a thousand years later
Sigurd Fafnibane’s Saga
A Viking feast in your home

04/1999 Link to PDF
The excavation of the Viking-Age harbour at Fröjel, Gotland
Viking navigation
Excavation of a Viking-Age site at Llanbedrgoch on Anglesey
The Viking-Age Hoards from Spillings
Reconstructing Female Costume of the Viking Age
Glimpses from a Viking market from a re-enactor’s point of view
Brimir – Experimental Archeology Group from Denmark
Christmas party à la Viking
Drinking Christmas Jól

05/1999 – unavailable

06/1999 Link to PDF
Island Games
Metal casting
Viking sails

01/2000 Link to PDF
”Far and Yet Near: North America and Norse Greenland”
Vikings! 1000 Years! – Major events to celebrate a significant anniversary
Famed Explorer Dr. Thor Heyerdahl Tells Truth of World History, Vikings
Introducing The North Sea Viking Legacy
The Handicraft of the Viking Age
The Project Ale in the Viking Age
The Avaldsnes project
New finds of Viking Silver Hoards
Viking mums
The Viking Mother of Today
Short notice of a recent Viking Find in Norway
The largest ever Viking ship replica to be built in Denmark

02/2000 Link to PDF
Ships, navigation and migration from the north
KRAMPMACKEN – a modern Viking ship reconstruction
The ’Vinland Map’: False testimony about Norse Exploration
Eastwards – about the background to some Viking Age items
Vikings in The Netherlands
Norse religion – a complicated one
“Dómr of daudan hvern: a chronological survey of Swedish picture stones”
SCAR. A Viking Boat Burial on Sanday, Orkney
Fourth Board Meeting held at Viking Farm at Avaldsnes,
Presenting RANERNA – A Viking-age re-enactment group
FULL CIRCLE – First Contact: Vikings and Skraelings in Newfoundland and Labrador

03/2000 Link to PDF
Fine prehistoric optics or just finery?
New Discoveries in Norwich
Thor’s Hammer– on the Viking-Age amulet-pendants in Scandinavia
Viking folklore
Norse Mythology: Plundering the Vikings for Centuries
Sagas and society I. About slavery on Iceland
Midgard – Historical Center in Vestfold Norway was officially opened May 27th
North Sea Viking Heritage Fifth Board Meeting held on Shetland, July 2000
Viking exhibition in Com0, Italy
A ship comes a-sailing The story behind the ”Viking Ship” find in Nattviken, Härnösand, Sweden
The Braid – A Unique Manx Farmstead 19 Reflections upon the Vikings! 1000 Years event
New Viking-age presentations in the Netherlands

04/2000 Link to PDF
The recently found hoards from Spillings farm on Gotland, Sweden
Another great Viking Feast!
The round towered churches of Norfolk and northern Europe
Nordic research project about the Viking Age costume at Birka
Reykholt – Snorri Sturluson’s farm in Iceland
Sagas and society 2: The fall of the free state
Fröjel Discovery Programme
Display of the Vikings
The ”Ale in the Viking Age” project
DESTINATION VIKING: A major new initiative
Tablet Weaving
Ribe VikingeCenter / bringing history to life

01/2001 – Link to PDF

The Viking Way
Sagas and Society III: How credible is the picture of slavery in Icelandic Literature?
Old stones in a new light
New books
Mästermyr project
Lindholm Høje Monument and Museum
Give us the myths!
Genetic research for Vikings in Britain
Old Scatness – an Iron Age Village with Viking Residents?
“Silk and Stone” at the Manx Museum, Isle of Man
Sea Viking Legacy Meeting held in Norwich January 2001

02/2001 – Link to PDF

The fortification of Birka, the first urban settlement in Sweden
Children’s Images of Vikings on display in Istanbul
The Vikings: Eastern Traders, Merchants, Empire Builders and Royal Guards – A Nordic Spirit Symposium in California Sheds Light on Viking Image
The first Scandinavians in northern Rus’
The Islamic Record of Vikings in the East
The Saga of Ibn Fadlan’s Manuscript
The Lur of the Vikings
Runestones tell about mercenaries going east
Ken Walters – the first Viking re-enactor craftsman to become a Member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen!
Viking highlights from Sogn og Fjordane on the Western coast of Norway
The Viking way
Brewing up a Storm
Obituary: Helge Ingstad Proved Vikings Sailed to America
The Viking Project in Ale County continues…
The British Columbia Viking Ship Project
Looking back – and ahead
Symposium in September at Birka, Sweden
03/2001 – Link to PDF

Eastern connections at Birka
The Coin that Fueled the Viking Age DIRHAMS AS DOCUMENTS
In memoriam: Thomas S. Noonan
Gambling Vikings!
The Ladby Ship Museum
Life in the Viking North Atlantic Research Opens Window on “Otherwise Lost World”
The Bayeux Tapestry
Li grave-field at Fjärås Bräcka, Sweden
Destination Viking
Protecting the Viking Heritage!
When the summer sun Is shining the love of adventure is great
Vikingblood in the OrkneyIslands
“European Vikings” Avaldsnes Viking Farm, Karmøy, Norway

04/2001 – Link to PDF

The Farm beneath the Sand
Cave culture in South Iceland
The BC Viking Ship Project Launches “Munin”
New excavations at Kaupang, the earliest urban settlement in Norway
The Kumle Mound
A picture-stone was found with a trenching machine on Gotland
Old gods are still alive
Staraya Russa – An ancient town in the early medieval principality of Novgorod
The Viking-Age harbour and trading place at Fröjel, Gotland
Heritage News
The First Shipyard in America
Government in Scandinavia around 1000 AD
The Grand Finale of the North Sea Viking Legacy project
“Senãs vides darbnîca” “Ancient Environment Workshop”
ORD – topolinguistics and multimedia

01/2002 – Link to PDF

Glimpses of Viking-Age women in runic inscriptions
Freyja – a goddess of love and war
Images of Women and Femininity on Gotlandic Picture Stones
Report from the Viking Project in Ale County, Sweden
Where have all the Vikings gone… CCC-Paper
The woman on the wagon – Pagan Scandinavian burials in a Christian perspective CCC-Paper
The Gotlandic farm – a history of 2000 years CCC-Paper
Vasalles or seniores? The old nobility and new power structures in post-conquest Estonia CCC-Paper
Viking Longboat Races 2001 – World Championships
Under the Hammer
Curriculum Vitae
About the artist Lou Harrison
Recipes from Valhalla

02/2002 – Link to PDF

“The district of islands” at the crossroads of the Vikings CCC-Paper
Schleswig between Haithabu and Lübeck (ca. 1000–1150 AD) CCC-Paper
Hedeby – A Viking-age Trade Centre
The wooden disc from Wolin – as the next sun-compass?
The neighbourhood of Trelleborg – One of the circular Viking-age fortresses in Denmark and Scania
Herring-bone pattern
Obituary Thor Heyerdahl: Personal reflections on his last year
The woollen sail – Research in long lengths
The Kensington Runestone Forumat California Lutheran University, February 24, 2002
New rune stone found north of Stockholm
Under the Hammer Part 2
Some of the Viking Events in the summer of 2002
Viking Movies

03/2002 – link to PDF

In the footsteps of the Vikings
Destination Viking is up running!
Destination Viking – Baltic Stories
Ancient Handicrafts. Part II / A residence with style
The Antipodes – a little something about two ocean trades that never met, or…
A Viking-age grave in Sollentuna
Fifty years with the Cult Site of Rösaring
Filthy Vikings?
Gotland Viking Island Project
Traces of a stave church found
Vikings in Flanders – Part 1
The Lily-stones
Great success for “Vikingarnas Värld”
Rosala Viking Centre
The Viking Times

04/2002 – link to PDF

New excavations at the central site of Uppåkra, in the very south of Sweden
The origins of the imaginary Viking
Excavating in Russia
Rurikovo Gorodische
Staraya Russa – a place of great archaeological interest
Dubhlinn’s Vikings
Saga of seven Viking fortresses
Vikings in Flanders
Araisi Lake Fortress in Latvia
The Viking-age surroundings of Gunne’s gård, Sweden
Ancient handicrafts part III / A Course in Viking-Age Carpentry
Destination Viking – Baltic Stories
A Brief Note on the Educational Aspects of Killing People
Ancestral Homes: paintings inspired by the Viking Age Now on display in Seattle, USA

01/2003 – link to PDF

A SYMBOL OF KINGS / The Use of Golden Vanes in Viking Ships
The North Atlantic Viking Heritage Resource and cruise ship itineraries
Masculine – feminine – human – about the Viking-age grave-field at Kopparsvik south of Visby, Gotland
Transvestite Vikings?
A Viking-age Tumour
Latest news from Kaupang – the first urban settlement in Norway
Meet the wood carving artist, Jay Haavik
Vikingar i Vinlandia / A Viking Living History Society in USA
Some Glimpses from York – The Viking-Age City of Jorvik
Knáttleikr – the Trelleborg Rules with Vlachernai Variations
Destination Viking – Sagalands Kick off in Hot Tub and Hurricane
To live the past is to enrich the future
Ancient handicrafts part IV / Viking-age architecture rebuilt in Ale
The Understanding and Interpretation of History

02/2003 –Link to PDF

The Mammen style from West Pomerania (Wolin and Kamien Pomorski)
Vikings in Russia: Military Affairs
Reunion of Tribes Vikings and Slavs met in Ukranenland to strengthen alliance
UKRANENLAND / Slavonian village
Ancient handicrafts part V / From Ale Viking Age project Raising the roof-supports!
Philatelic Vikings
A SYMBOL OF KINGS / The Use of Golden Vanes in Viking Ships
Viking Learning Vacation
The Viking Village in Tofta is expanding
Gotland University offers two Viking Courses presented in English
“Halfdan was here” Viking exhibition in Istanbul and Stavanger
Some of the Viking events in the summer of 2003

03/2003 – Link to PDF

SAGA LANDSCAPES AND SAGA ROUTES / Second partner meeting of the Sagalands project
Trondarnes Distriktsmuseum, the regional museum of Southern Troms County, and Trondenes Historical Centre’s “Saga Lands” project
The Orkney Islands and the Sagas
Learn tablet weaving with Brand Orve
A Humble Heritage – on Slavonic cultural transmission to Scandinavia 900 to 1300 AD
Vikings in Russia: Military Affairs
The glass bead material from Ribe, Denmark
A tool for making beads
The glass beads from Viking age Wolin
Viking Beads from Gotland
Beads from the Early Urban Settlement at Kaupang, Vestfold, in Norway
In memory
Children’s graves – status symbols? Four Viking-age children from Gotland

04/2003- Link to PDF

Vikings in North America – New and Old
About the Kensington Runestone
Vikings in the New World
Destination Viking Baltic Stories
Reproducing tools
A Northern Periphery project South Greenland
Norstead, Canada
The Leif Eriksson Runestone
International Viking Legacy Symposium in Philadelphia
Diet and tableware in Wolin
Viking-age Horse Offerings in Lithuania
A replica of the Gokstad Faering
International courses

01/2004 – link to PDF

The 2003 “TT”: A Viking-Age Silver Hoard from Glenfaba, Isle of Man
Vikings in North America – New and Old. Part II
Gudrid the Wanderer
The Vikings in Newfoundland: A Hands-On Travel Experience
Returning to the scene of the crime, or the legacy of graffiti….
The Far Routes of History
Eiríksstadir – The settlement of Erik the Red on Iceland
Viking camp in St. Petersburg
Vikings ancient and alive at Historiska Museet, Stockholm
The excavation in Gorodische 2003
Discovering Viking heritage milieus in Denmark

02/2004 – link to PDF

Viking-age Women
“The meaning of food” – about Viking-age food and drink
Viking-age recipes
Some Viking events in the summer of 2004
Some notes on the production of Norse padlocks
Excavations at St Ninian’s Isle, Shetland
A Viking family in Normandy
Gotland Viking Island 2005
The Vikings take over Historiska Museet!
The Lords of the River
Grettis saga: Cultural Tourism Project and Festival
Kitchen garden at Gunnes gård
Top of the World – Nordic Mythology on New Stamps

03/2004 – link to PDF

Viking Age sorcery
Viking ship burial in Norway
The Viking week at Adelsö
“Vikingfestivalen Karmøy” June 9 to 13, 2004 – a flashback…
KNOT another Viking project…
Destination Viking Sagalands’ 4th partner meeting
The Viking Market at Foteviken
An Australian Viking in Storholmen Viking Village
Gisla-Saga Project Westfjords in Iceland
BATTLING FOR BEER… – an Historical/Educational experiment
L’Anse aux Meadows and Vinland: The Norse in the North Atlantic
The non-enigmatic runes of the Kensington stone

04/2004 –link to PDF

Gotland – The Viking Island 2005
The Viking’s everyday life and view of women on Gotland
Gold and silver hoards on Gotland
Paviken – a Viking-age port and shipyard
No Gute by the name of Sven
Viking Age sorcerers
A traveler’s experiences
School Children and Iron-age Life at Gunnes gård
Tjodhilde… an Arctic beacon in a Norse world?
In Rurik’s footsteps
Thoughts about reconstructed ancient settlements – about quality, authenticity and purpose
Vikings on ice
Gotland Viking Island 2005

01/2005 – link to PDF

The Building of a Boathouse at Avaldsnes on Karmøy
Reconstruction of a Viking-age Boathouse on the island of Karmøy
Casting Trefoil Brooches
The Gotlandic Althing and the Cistercian monastery in Roma
The history that disappeared
Braslav Lake District – in the Viking epoch
Vikings join in Iron-age Chieftain’s Feast
The Viking Ship Icelander
The Viking Age – which period are we referring to?
Living Vikings join other Living History museums in a new liveARCH project
The Launch of the Viking Longship – Havhingsten fra Glendalough – at Roskilde in Denmark on Sept 4, 2004

02/2005 – link to PDF

Viking Horses
Ailikn’s wagon and Odin’s warriors
Who were the thegns of Cnut the great?
Viking Market in Slite, Gotland
How to make an early lute and rebec
Kings and warriors History and science
Dancing into the Future
Tiller thriller
Ragnarók – Odin’s World
Viking events in summer 2005

03/2005 – link to PDF

Choosing Heaven The Religion of the Vikings
The Cross and the Sword – Strategies of conversion in medieval Europe
The tidy metalworkers of Fröjel
The Worlds of the Vikings – an exhibition at Gotlands Fornsal, Visby
The Fearless Vikings…
Genocide in Orkney? The fate of the Orcadian Picts
Theatre and re-enactments at Gene Iron-age farm in northern Sweden

04/2005 – Link to PDF

Fast and Feast – Christianization through the regulation of everyday life
The key – a practical object and symbol of power
Latvia in the Viking Age, 7th–11th Centuries
A Vinland saga – Final meeting of Destination Viking Sagalands project at L’Anse aux Meadows
The Storyteller
Archaeological remains in fijórsárdalur, Iceland
The new Settlement Centre of Iceland
Lofotr, the Viking museum at Borg in Lofoten
We Will Carry On
Smoke gets in your eyes?
The Wolin disc – an equatorial sundial?
The Vikings are coming… / Big Viking Event in Hamme, Flanders, Belgium
Plaque to commemorate Leif Erickson Day


If you have links for any of the issues I wasn’t able to find, please add them to the comments below!

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