Stash report (May 7 shopping)

Amazing blue silk with red, green, and tan floral embroidery

Amazing blue silk with red, green, and tan floral embroidery

May 7, 2015 I went shopping for two things… yellow and white taffeta. Neither of these are things in my stash, so I had to go shopping… right? Of course, I came out with MUCH more – the highlight of which is the blue silk floral pictured above. The bolt only had 2.8 meters on it though!

So… now other than framing it and hanging it on my wall and basking in how pretty it is.. what do I want to MAKE with it? It has a  paisley-like swirl in the floral embroidery (done in green, red, and tan) and paisley prints didn’t start being made in Europe until the 1600’s apparently, but it’s not REALLY a paisley, so I’m not too hung up on that.  So far I’m thinking of a bodice & sleeves, or perhaps stomacher and forepart to a skirt… I’m hoping to get to a good silk shop and find a solid in the same blue which would expand my possibilities.

  • “Fancy Silk”
  • 2.8 meters
  • Regular $36.00/meter, on sale for $15.00/meter
  • 100% silk

Gold taffeta, white stretch taffeta (for an upcoming project)

Gold taffeta, white stretch taffeta (for an upcoming project)

The fabric I actually went for was yellow and white taffeta – but I couldn’t find ANY yellow. The best I could find was this gold, which is ok actually… I didn’t really want stretch taffeta originally either, but I think this will work. Stay tuned – I actually have a plan for a project in the works with this right now, so hopefully in the next month or two I’ll be able to show that off.

  • White stretch taffeta
  • 2.5 meters
  • Regular price $28.00/meter, on sale for 70% off
  • 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Gold fabric – bargain bin fabric
  • 2.5 meters
  • $4.00/meter
  • Contents unknown
Black & white polka-dot knit

Black & white polka-dot knit

Next up, a black and white (it’s actually a bit more ivory than pure white) polka-dot knit. It’s a bit larger of a dot than I really like… and the knit is a bit sheer when stretched, but I thought it might make up into a nice, simple, summer sundress with a bit of a 1950s theme.

I have some similar fabric (albeit a higher-quality knit) in a smaller black and white polka-dot print, which might mix well with it too if I want to add in contrast shoulders or something….

  •  Florence Knit
  • 3 meters
  • Regular price $15.00/meter, on sale 70% off
    • 95% polyester, 5% spandex


Steel-blue/teal silk with flowers

Steel-blue/teal silk with flowers

Another silk – this one has a cotton backing supporting three-dimensional flowers on this sort of steel-blue/teal with a bit of a dupioni-like slub. The flowers are pinks on brown stems.

Bright Yellow Flowered Silk

Bright Yellow Flowered Silk

I actually have this fabric in a yellow already too (or at least the same style, the floral colours are green with pink) – I have a Rococo style dress in mind for it, and that’s what this is saying to me too. I bought 11 meters of it, so I have LOTS to play with, and it’s so pretty!

  • Fancy silks
  • 11 meters
  • Regular price $36.00/meter, on sale for $15.00/meter
  • 100% silk
Gold and red striped silk

Gold and red striped silk

This red and gold striped silk I’m thinking would make a really lovely Regency gown. I have more of this particular print too, in a gold/gold. I was thinking of Regency for it too – so I’m thinking the two fabrics might coordinate well together. I’ll see….

Maybe I could make the gown out of the red/gold, and then do a red Spencer, lined with the gold/gold? …. Ok.. I’m daydreaming now….

(I also did see a really lovely surcote on Pinterest that involved splitting the dress in half vertically with red/gold on one side and gold/gold on the other…)

Beige/gold/tan striped tone-on-tone silk with narrow "ribbon" stripe

Beige/gold/tan striped tone-on-tone silk with narrow “ribbon” stripe

Of the red/gold, I bought:

  • 8 meters
  • Regular $48.00/m, on sale for $14.40/meter
  • 100% silk
  • They’ve named it “silk dupioni” but it’s nothing like any dupioni I’ve ever seen.

The gold/gold fabric I purchased previously is shown to the left.

Below, are the last two fabrics I bought. The first is navy blue wool – I bought some of this before, but this time it was on a good sale, so I bought some more!

  • Elegance wool
  • 100% wool
  • 5.5 meters
  • Regular $22.00/meter on sale 70% off

The second is a purple damask. When I first saw this fabric I loved it – but the price was a bit high.

Navy wool & purple damask

Navy wool & purple damask

This time, the fabric was in the discount bin at a much better price, though they only had camel and purple.

Better sample of the purple damask colour - though still not quite right

Better sample of the purple damask colour – though still not quite right

This is a slightly better example of the colour, though it’s still off…for some reason my camera just couldn’t get the colour right.

I picked up the purple, with the thought of an overgown. (Perhaps to go with some purple fabric I have coming on order…) Later I went to a different store and they did have the black in this fabric as well… but I had spent a LOT of money already this day, so opted not to get it too.

  • “Evangline Collection – diamond jacquard”
  • 54% cotton, 43% polyester, 3% spandex
  • Regular $30.00/meter, on sale 60% off
  • 3 meters

 Shop the stash!

So, what do you think I should make with these fabrics? Have any ideas for me -perhaps for that lovely blue embroidered silk? Share them in the comments below!

2 comments on “Stash report (May 7 shopping)

  1. I can’t help but to find it ironic you found a nice looking (at least from the picture) gold fabric, which is what I’ve been looking at for a couple of months now, but I can only find yellow (or really expensive habutai silk). The logic of fabric shopping: you find what you want when you’re not looking, but can’t find it when we are.

    • Dawn says:

      Yep.. I’m looking for yellow, can only find gold, and you’re in the opposite problem!
      The worst is when you really have something VERY specific in mind.. Usually I go and find half a dozen OTHER fabrics – but not what I really want. (Which is what happened here.. I only went for the white and yellow… )
      The gold is pretty nice, but they wrapped it with tape, so there’s a sticky spot in some areas. I am hoping I can cut around it… *fingers crossed*

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