Double-knit Trichinopoly on fabric

Trichinopoly chain created directly on fabric

Trichinopoly chain created directly on fabric

In my earlier post Viking Knit on Fabric I showed off a single-knit trichinopoly chain on fabric. In that post I mentioned that I wanted to try off a smaller dowel, and double-knit to see if that improved the result. I did in fact have the chance to do that, and I wanted to share the photos with you.

“My next step after this is to use a smaller dowel, and try double-knit instead of single-knit to see if that improves the result.”

I did this with 26 gauge silver-plated copper wire, on a dowel just smaller in diameter than a pencil, on coat-weight wool (like Melton cloth).

The result is definitely more sturdy than single-knit, though I am not sure it’s quite sturdy enough to really act as protection to the edge of a fabric cuff…

One comment on “Double-knit Trichinopoly on fabric

  1. 3dguyz says:

    HI dawn , love your blog, Im Christopher and I am searching for a Male viking tunic/pattern something of color yet practical and material (summer / linen cloth or heavy/rough equiv )type used, i good with my hands and love to create new things.

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