Viking Heritage Magazine

Thor's Hammer from the Vikings in BC exhibit

Thor’s Hammer from the Vikings in BC exhibit

I don’t know much about the Viking Heritage Magazine, but I wanted to record some links while I have a moment to return to it later.

Index from:

01/1996 Link to PDF
Agricultural development and early urbanization in the light of environmental changes in
Curonia 600–1200 A.D
The historical links between West Russia and Scandinavia
Certain Historical Facts on the Routes of the Vikings on the Belarussian Territory
Heritage News from Sigtuna museum

s/1996 – Link to PDF not yet found
The Viking Ship Sigrid Storráda
Viking Ships for export
A Viking Village in Överhogdahl
Assur’s Village in Upplands Bro
A book about the history of Trelleborgen
A new Viking Museum in the North of Norway
Viking Play on an island in Eken’s Archipelago
New Treasures
Even the Vikings used to write graffiti
Save the Viking pine!
New-rich in Russia are buying valuable archeologically ground


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Norse purse

Finished black leather Norse-style purse with a pen for scale

Finished black leather Norse-style purse with a pen for scale

While for my female clothing, I don’t wear a leather belt with a buckle; for the male garb I’m making I will…which means I can have it actually support stuff – like a purse.

Reproduction photo found from Pinterest for inspiration

With that in mind, I made up a purse for carrying some of my stuff when I do opt to wear the male garb.

Although black leather is incorrect, it was what I had on hand for this first version, and I wasn’t up for going out to buy more leather for a first round.  Plus, I’ve opted for black a few other times just because I like it, so I’m ok with the colour of the leather (and how it was treated…etc..).

The main body of the purse is embossed leather from Tandy, while the trim is either sheep or goat, garment-weight leather (super soft and thin; it’s lovely stuff). The purse is lined in purple linen, and I’ve embroidered a red L on the inside just in case it ever gets mixed up with someone else’s.  Parts of the purse are re-enforced with glued-on canvas – in areas where I wanted more structure, weight, or to support the function (like the buckle area)

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Fairview Pottery’s Spring Pottery sale

Fairview Pottery sale

Fairview Pottery sale

Just a quick heads up that Fairview Pottery’s spring pottery sale takes place this weekend in Calgary.

Pottery from the Fairview show

Pottery from the Fairview show

Saturday, May 23 / 9:00 a.m. – noon at Canyon Meadows Community Centre / 848 Cantabrian Drive SW

Free admission, door prizes – but please bring your own reusable bags/boxes if you have them!

(photos featured here are from previous shows)

Norse man’s tunic

Norse man's tunic and pants, with a pillbox-style hat

Norse man’s tunic and pants, with a pillbox-style hat

In the Historical Sew Monthly April post, I showed a sneak preview of this post – my Norse tunic in the style of menswear.

My underdress pattern (not to scale)

My underdress pattern (not to scale)

I used the same pattern I use for my dresses, and shortened it for the tunic. I also added a contrast band to the hem, and reverse facings on the neckline and cuffs.

The navy linen I used for the trim is leftovers from the lining of my Italian costume and the blue linen underdress, while the red is from The original colour was Tomato Puree (I couldn’t find it in-stock on their website, so I can’t share a link) but the colour was too pink for me, so I overdyed it to get a deeper red.

I thought about doing some embroidery on them, but I figured I’d skip that for the time being – there’s little evidence of embroidery (though there is some) so I didn’t want to put the work into a first garment.

Sorry – this time around I don’t have any work-in-progress photos to share with you! I was hoping to get this done quickly, and wanted to do it for the Historical Sew Fortnightly April challenge, so didn’t spend as much time recording the details.

Hanger-photo below.. I really should have pressed it first!

Tunic made using the same basic pattern I use for dresses, just shorter. I also tried the reverse contrast facing I've been seeing a lot of online.

Tunic made using the same basic pattern I use for dresses, just shorter. I also tried the reverse contrast facing I’ve been seeing a lot of online.

Historical Sew Fortnightly (details above the previous post)

The Challenge: April – War & Peace: the extremes of conflict and long periods of peacetime both influence what people wear. Make something that shows the effects of war, or of extended peace.

One reason women in the Viking Age might have worn men’s attire was in order to join on the battlefield.

Fabric: Overdyed lightweight linen from (the red), and lightweight linen (blue) from

Pattern: self-drafted, rectangular construction

Year: Viking Age

Notions: thread

How historically accurate is it? The pattern is entirely speculative, but I think it’s pretty good based on other known patterns of around the same time. The contrast fabric trim seems to be authentic based on tapestries.

Hours to complete: not sure

First worn: not yet

Total cost: The red linen was about $11.00/yard plus tax, shipping, and exchange. The blue fabric was scrap leftover from other projects, but was under $5.00/yard plus tax, shipping, and exchange.

A&S documentation for my ‘lute-shaped’ purse

My finished purse (pouch side)

My finished purse (pouch side)

A while back I posted my ‘purse shaped like a lute’ inspired by several examples from the 16th century. I decided to enter my barony’s A&S competition in April, and decided to enter the purse as one of my two items.

I wanted to share the documentation here, in case anyone else is interested in some of the period examples and information I learned about this kind of purse – plus some of my questions; if there’s anyone out there who can answer some of them, please leave a comment below!

Click for PDF