Block printing wood blocks

Block printing blocks from Etsy

Block printing blocks from Etsy

Not too long ago I liked the Facebook community “Adventures in block printing”  since the artisan is local, and I’ve loved seeing what she’s made in person – of course all of those delightful posts have made me itch to do some printing of my own as well – I haven’t done block printing since design school.

You should totally check out her page – it’s full of inspiring and creative images, plus lots of step-by-step photos and original source inspiration photos!

Block printing blocks from Etsy

Block printing blocks from Etsy

Of course I have my old blocks from school.. (which I might show off at some point, but this is really more of a ‘shopping’ post than a block-printing post!) but I wanted NEW pretty blocks – possibly ones that I could use for some costume elements too…

I bought all these stamps from Charan Creations ( on Etsy – and they came from Brampton, Ontario super fast! Makes me almost feel guilty that I haven’t yet found the time to actually USE them yet. Small steps.. small steps… They came well-packaged and seem to be well made.. here’s hoping I’m equally successful when I pull out the fabric and paints!

Indian Hand Carved Wood Block Stamp- Large Medieval Pattern

This one is my favourite I think! (direct link from seller)

While you’re checking out the Adventures in Block Printing Facebook page – don’t forget to “like” my dress diary page too!


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