April 2015 ipsy delivery


April Ipsy

April Ipsy

Pretty much right on time I received my package in the mail from ipsy – it just took me a bit longer than normal to report on it.

Included this time around (from best to worst) is:

Honey & Olive Oil lip balm – I think the time of year is pushing this product up to the top of my list; every lip balm I’ve picked up lately I’ve loved, because I’ve needed balm so much lately… This one goes on a bit waxy, but still pretty nice. I had hoped for more of a honey taste/smell, but it’s pretty blah – but still good lip balm. I’ve been using it pretty much every day since I got it!

Brush – I really love getting brushes! This one seems good quality, though I’ve only used it the once to test it out.

Eye shadow – this is really similar on the palate to one of my all-time favourite colours, Baked by Urban Decay. It goes on smoothly, and blends out quite easily… but the colour isn’t QUITE as golden-bronze as Baked, it has a bit more of an orange-ish or coral undertone. It’s still a good colour though, and I think that the quality seemed nice. It is very, very clearly a ‘sample’ size – super-tiny, but at least the packaging isn’t overly huge; it will be fine to toss in my travel bag (I’m pretty sure BAKED is in there right now!).

Mattifying nail polish top coat – I have tried another mattifying top coat before, and this doesn’t seem too different. I was mildly chuffed that they included a coupon for some money off buying their product – a coupon only good in the USA. 😦 Hellooooo Canada here! I put it on freshly polished nails, and the top coat sort of ate away at the polish underneath. I had noticed with my other one that the mattifying effect only lasted a few days; this one lasted at least 3 days, which is when the first chips in my colour started to show, so IMO that is plenty long enough.

Blush – using the brush to pick up some brush… the powder balled up into little clumps. It took a LOT of work to blend the blush I found, as if I’d done it on moist skin – but my skin was totally dry… FAIL. The container LOOKS good, but feels cheap.

…all in a cute rustic/boho/sun-destination- looking pouch – a bit bigger than the normal pouches which is very good 🙂


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