May 2015 ipsy


My ipsy order came a bit early in May – on the 14th for a change (it usually arrives closer to the 17th I think.) but that doesn’t mean I was on top of trying everything out.. *sighs*

Here’s a quick run-down of what I received, and what I think… (in no particular order)

VIP “very important products” unbleached cotton canvas bag – a bit bigger than normal which is very nice, though with the screen print on it, it’s going to be hard to use for anything other than make-up. 5/10

Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Summertime –  a VERY pale bronzer with a bit of shimmer. I think this is more going to be a ‘wintertime’ bronzer rather than a summertime one – unless I end up staying pretty pale this summer. It goes on all right, but probably won’t replace my existing bronzer. 6/10

Bellapierre cosmetics gel eye liner in ebony – I’m not sure why it’s called “gel” – it’s just an eyeliner pencil. Seems to be good quality, and it passed the “draw it on, try to gently rub it off a few minutes later” test, so it will probably make it into my regular rotation of black eyeliner. 20 minutes later I rubbed some hand lotion on it to try to wipe it off, and although it dulled down a lot, it stayed on… so I’m happy with it.  Love black eyeliner… 😉 9/10

Peter Lamas detoxifying citrus facial cleanser – I haven’t used this yet, but it seems ok – the scent is orange… I’ll probably toss it into my travel bag and use it next time I go out of town. (no rating)

Alterna CC 10 in 1 CC cream, leave-in hair perfector – “can also be used as a finisher on dry hair for added perfection”. Do they understand the word “perfection”? I thought CC cream was for your face?  Water and then alcohol are the first two ingredients, and it smells like leave-in conditioner. Haven’t tried this yet either, since my hair doesn’t need any ‘additional perfection’ right now.  (no rating)

Urban Decay revolution Ozone 24/7 Glide on lip pencil in… no colour at all..  – apparently this is to ‘fill in fine lines, prevent feathering, and correct mistakes” under “high colour lipgloss”. I was excited to see “Urban Decay” (one of my favorite product lines) but putting on the pencil, feels a lot like someone put lipbalm in an eyebrow pencil. Emperor’s new clothes anyone? I tried correcting a mistake – all it did was smear the lipgloss around. It didn’t fill in any lines, and since feathering isn’t really a big problem for me with lighter shades and gloss, it didn’t make a lick of difference to that either. The pencil gets a 0/10 from me because it seems pretty useless.

The pencil did come with two pods (single-use) of their “high colour lipgloss” as well in a fashion doll pink “failbait” and a grape Skittles purple “bittersweet”. I tried the pink, an although in the package it looks like a lot of colour, once it was on my lips it wasn’t particularly intense. It’s the same consistency as most slick, slightly sticky lip glosses like my regular ultra-shine lipgloss from Sephora’s house brand. It’s supposed to be “high-coverage, pigmented gloss” with a “super creamy formula” that “stays where you want it” and has high shine, and makes lips look fuller.  Yeah.. more Emperor’s new clothes there too.. it transfers easily (as my drinking glass will attest) and although it’s creamy, it also feels thick and heavy – for that feeling, why not just go with a lipstick? two blots, and all the colour was gone too.  Boo. Not recommended – Urban Decay fail. 1/10


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