Renaissance Fabric order

Two colourways of silk damask from Renaissance Fabrics

Two colourways of silk damask from Renaissance Fabrics

In my block-printing blocks shopping post a few weeks ago you might have noticed some super-pretty silk damask in the background of the photos… silk damask from Renaissance fabrics!

Just another show-off/shopping post today….

gold silk damask

gold silk damask

I found this silk damask (to the left) at Fabricland, on sale for $15.00/meter, in a gold/gold colourway, and picked up 10 meters of it. Later a friend showed up with some scraps in a gold/old gold colourway, and I WANTED more of it too… it’s just so pretty – simple without being plain, fancy without being ornate or gaudy… plus, I have such a weakness for silk!

Two colourways of silk damask from Renaissance Fabrics

Two colourways of silk damask from Renaissance Fabrics

One of the costume-makers on one of the Facebook groups I’m a part of showed off some in a red-gold colourway, and I was obsessed.. even better – she ordered it online, which meant a few days later after much hemming and hawing, I purchased some online too in the red/gold colourway. … at $25.00 US/Yard. (plus shipping. Plus an insane duty.. ouch)
While I was there, I also got some in the gold/purple colourway (which I like a lot less actually) and some printed silk dupioni which I think is completely gorgeous… I also got swatches of the silk damask in their gold/black colourway, which in retrospect I should have purchased instead of the gold/purple.

I am showing two photos of the damasks, because the colours shift with different light…

Shipping was nice and quick (though I still haven’t even started patterning for these fabrics… ) but the duty cost was insane… Honestly, I spent a LOT of money on these fabrics, so I suppose the duty wasn’t too high percentage-wise… but still really important to remember!

Printed silk from Renaissance Fabrics

Printed silk from Renaissance Fabrics

I’m also completely in love with their French Blue silk satin stripe (I ordered a swatch of it as well, along with a French blue silk taffeta – which isn’t a match unfortunately) but don’t have anything I’m needing anytime soon for it…  and would LOVE to work with their other red & gold silk damask but again… the project I’d want to use for that, I already have at least two other bits of fabric for first.. so I’m considering NOT getting it, admirable restraint 😉

Funny enough, when I was up in Edmonton, I found more of the silk damask at a Fabricland up there… but it was selling for regular price! $45.00/meter – no way! It was a gold/green colourway which I didn’t totally love (but I’d totally over-dye it or work with it if it had been $15.00/meter!). I was pretty disappointed, and left empty-handed…. Going to Marshall’s Discount Fabrics instead to shop! I wonder why the Calgary shops had all of these silks on sale, but the Edmonton one didn’t? It was older stock (2013), and I’d bet that of the bolt, only 2-5 meters had sold so far.. at $45.00/meter, it’s not exactly everyone’s budget! (Including mine!)

One comment on “Renaissance Fabric order

  1. Nessa says:

    What a great fabric find, Dawn. 🙂 The purple-gold damask reminds me of an extant gown I recently pinned on Pinterest and liked so much that my fictional Renaissance character is now wearing a somewhat similar purple gown in the story. 😉
    Here you go:

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