Jorvik-style hood in silk

Front view of the silk hood

Front view of the silk hood

I received a number of bags of fabric and clothing not too long ago from my former teacher – she was de-stashing, and so I got to stash-build instead! (Like I need more fabric…. LOL) I kept some of the pieces I thought I could use, and gave away the rest, but one of the pieces I kept was a lovely lightweight silk blouse (with a nasty fringe and some rips around the buttons, so it wasn’t wearable).

Although I’ve made some Viking Age cap/hoods before, they were all done in either wool or linen, but the hoods found in Jorvik (York) were silk, so I figured this small amount of fabric would work well to add to my kit – a silk hood in the style of the Jorvik hood.

Read more about my linen hood here: Viking Age Hoods: Jorvik & Dublin

Side view of the silk hood

Side view of the silk hood

I made this one in a similar way, but with less of a hem on the front. It’s french seamed on the inside, and has two narrow hems on the raw edges. I opted to do the whole thing by machine instead of by hand, just for the time consideration.

I anticipate silk being warmer and more insulating than the linen, so I likely will save it for winter, to wear under my woolen caps to keep my hair nice.  My persona doesn’t really need headwear for culture/modesty/religion, mostly just to keep my hair out of my face or to add some protection from the elements.

More fabric…

I still have some fabric left (this was made from the front of the blouse, and I have the sleeves allocated to another project.. so I still have the back to work with.  Should I make another hood, or something different?

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