THUA classes at Avacal Coronation

I’m really late posting this – because I was hoping to put together some photos first… but I thought I’d briefly post about the SCA coronation event (for those involved, Avacal’s first coronation). While I was there I attended my 12-16th “THUA” (Or now, actually TUA) classes. Unfortunately, I didn’t take ANY photos of the classes while I was in them (my mind was on the class, not my camera!) but I thought I’d share a brief run-down of each of them.

Much thanks to the teachers and the individuals organizing THUA classes at this event!

THUA stands for “Their Highness’ University of Avacal“, but now that we don’t have a Ptince and Princess any more, it’s been re-named TUA – The University of Avacal.

Basic Leather Stitching with Myfanwy Glanmorfa

Leather pouch made at Coronation Ithra class

Leather pouch made at Coronation Ithra class

I haven’t done a lot of leather work, so even though this one started pretty early… (considering how little sleep I had the night before!) I was interested in this one.

She taught us how to do the double running stitch with two needles, and we made a small leather drawstring bag, big enough for our sewing awl and a small block of beeswax for waxing our linen thread.

All the Pearls! with Dragoslava Vladislasa

Beading made at Coronation Ithra class

Beading made at Coronation Ithra class

Although I’ve beaded a lot of different things over the years, there are a lot of different methods, and I’ve never been super-keen on the method I’ve tried before for continuous strands of beads so I thought it would be interesting to learn her method, which is basically a back-stitch with beads. It works really well for large curves!

She also showed us a Russian method stitching a strip of soutache braid down, and then stitching the pearls to the soutache. From there she also gave us a strip of gold which was used to accent the pearls on either side.

Printing on Cloth with HE Morrigan

Stamped fabrics made at Coronation Ithra class

Stamped fabrics made at Coronation Ithra class

This is one of the two classes I was super excited about in advance. I haven’t done block printing in a really long time, (since school) and am thinking it would be fun to try again…

We had the chance to use the instructor’s stamps as well as acrylic paint mixed with textile medium, a small roller tray, and a small sponge roller to print on our own linen scraps over old towels. She reminded us to spray the roller first with water to make it pick up paint more successfully, and to wipe our blocks clean frequently. She also recommended the use of a mallet to tap down the block, but with the small blocks I was using, I liked the results of not using the mallet better – plus there was only one mallet to share amongst the (very full!) class.

The instructor also brought a bunch of fabric scraps to play with – while I brought linen, she also had some silk which looked really pretty printed!

Silk Painting with Finna Ingasdottir

This is the other class I was really excited for – another art that I haven’t done since school… but have been wanting to try again for years!

The instructor had drawn our populous badge on some silk men’s handkerchiefs from Dharma Trading with pencil (she later noted that this would show through certain kinds of resists) and then we used puff paint for our resist lines, tracing the design with the resist while the handkerchief was in an embroidery hoop.

Next we waited a (seemingly) really long time for the resist to dry, before filling in the colour with Dye-na-flow fabric paint, also from Dharma Trading. We used brushes kind of like Chinese brushes, and just laid the paint onto the silk, not touching the resist lines, and just letting the paint flow into the silk up to the resist line.  Another tip she shared with us (that I did) was to do two coats of paint.

From there we had to let the silk dry, and then heat-set it with no steam and a press cloth (to avoid melting that puff paint to our iron!) and it would be water-fast!

Note – even though my Instagram photo says ‘silkscreening’ that’s only because I was super tired.. it’s not.

Spinning on a Spindle with Nan

Finally my last class was on spinning with a drop spindle. Another classmate swung by later, but for part of it I was the only one there, so we had lots of time to talk. It was something I’ve never tried before, but it was reasonably simple and intuitive, and I really enjoyed it.

The down-side…. the instructor lent me her spindle and some wool batting, and in the short walk from her tent and my own encampment… The spindle fell out of my basket. It was later found thank goodness- and returned to it’s owner!

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