July 2015 ipsy

my July 2015 ipsy glam bag, along with my points purchase

my July 2015 ipsy glam bag, along with my points purchase

Another month… another package from ipsy!
Thanks to reviews and at least one person signing up using my referral code, I had enough points for an extra bonus, which I’ll add to this blog post too, since they came together.

This post is coming a bit late… because my package arrived a bit late. Normally it arrives around the 17th, but this time (presumably because of the points purchase) it came on the 31st of July instead 😦

Beauty samples

So, what was in my July 2015 ipsy Glam Bag?

Thanks for asking! 😉

I was pretty nervous about seeing fragrance in my Glam Bag – I intentionally didn’t check it off as something I wanted because I tend to be very sensitive to fragrances, particularly very chemical-smelling synthetic fragrances (I’m good with most essential oils though). Jor’el Parker’s Classico was not something I was looking forward to, even if the description of ‘Indian Tuberose, Turkish Cyclamen, and Spanish Mandarin’ sounded interesting even if overly-sweet…

The actual fragrance is a roller-ball, and a bit intense, but not as overly-sweet as I anticipated. I don’t know if I’ll actually wear it or not, because I found it a bit strong for me – though it fades (or I got used to it) pretty quickly. After an hour or so I wasn’t noticing it nearly as much. I might pop it into my work cosmetic bag, for a bit of fragrance at the end of a work-day or something if I need a floral pick-me-up.


The colour shown on Ipsy’s sneak preview of the Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics 2-in-1 Shadow/Liner on the other hand WAS something I was looking forward to. The website showed it as a rich wine-burgundy – much better than the champagne-coloured products I keep getting from Ipsy. I also really love big thick eyeshadow crayons, especially for travel, where powders then also require a brush…

The colour is actually more of a brown-bronze with a bit of burgundy under-tone. Still a bit more neutral than I’d really prefer, but nice. I found that it worked well as a liner, less so as a shadow, because it didn’t blend quite as nicely as I’d like for a pencil shadow.



Hand spun wool and the orange -toned pink polish from my July ipsy glam bag

Hand spun wool and the orange -toned pink polish from my July ipsy glam bag

Another one I was not especially looking forward to was AURORA Gel Effect Nail Polish in 4 Alarm Fire which looked like an orange-toned hot-pink. It’s supposed to be a regular polish that doesn’t require the destructive UV lamp to dry… but a regular polish that stays “shiny and durable for up to 2 weeks”, while still being easy to remove with polish remover.

The result… as above – a very orange-toned hot pink. I think this would look really good if I had a really deep tan, or on someone with a darker, richer skin tone, but on my pale skin, it just looks garish. I might reserve this just for my toes.. but really I normally wear red or gold on my toes, and don’t have much room in my nail polish shelf for something I might wear once a year…  I’ll probably get rid of it.

I did find that it was very thin, went on smoothly for the first coat, and with only one coat, had quite good coverage. I’d still probably recommend two coats though, for even coverage. It dried quite quickly. I would consider this brand again, if not this colour. I ended up putting a different colour over-top two days later, so I can’t say how long it lasts… though at the 2-day mark it was fine…


pūr~lisse pur-bright ultra skin brightening serum was the next product in my Glam Bag for July, claiming to be “clinically proven to help brighten through our unique, exclusive peptide complex, Lotus Lupine 5. Its 9 powerful plant extracts strengthen skin against future damage, while safely decreasing melanin production for fewer age spots”. I read this as “blah blah blah” personally.

What it is… a very thin lotion that certainly doesn’t “brighten” the skin, and smells vaguely like glue. Old glue. The kind that you’d have back in elementary school, where the rubber applicators would be all deteriorating and coated in cracked dried glue.



Finally, the last item was Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Lip Balm – I got ‘French Kiss’, which is a soft bubblegum pink, while other ipsters got Ruby, an orange-toned red (which would have been wrong for my skin tone anyways).  This product was described as a “hydrating formula to leave lips feeling silky smooth with a hint of color.” Honestly – the colour is non-existent. The formula is nice and silky… but also left CHUNKS of product on my lips until I picked them off. I imagine this was just a matter of the pouring not working out 100%, but I haven’t had the desire to give it a second try yet.




The bag.. is ugly. Plain ugly. Hello, it’s the 1980s calling, they want their bag back. And the early 2010s want this joke back.


Bonus product

I had enough points to get this as well, so ordered it. I notice that a lot of the really reasonably priced (points) items seem to be sold out, so when I saw this available, I figured I’d snag it. I’m contemplating cancelling my subscription as well (the $US is making it more and more expensive) which means I wanted to use up the points while I still could.

I ordered Buxom eye shadow single (the case and the colour) in Haute Couture. The colour is fine, again, a fairly neutral colour, but it’s ok. It looks like it’s going to be an espresso-brown, but it actually goes on as more of an ashy-bronze – at least on my skin-tone. The formula seems pretty smooth and pigment-rich, though it brushes off pretty easily without a primer (though it’s supposed to be a ‘primer-infused colour’) and I didn’t smell any noticeable fragrance.

Join in!

If you are curious to receive an assortment of make up/hair/skin samples every month, come join in. If you sign up using my link: https://www.ipsy.com/new?refer=1ledf then I’ll get 250 points towards additional samples in the future.


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