Too much fabric shopping

In late July/early August I came to the realization that I really needed to tidy up my sewing space and get piles of fabric OFF my cutting table (so I could use it to cut and sew!) and get them all put away. This… didn’t go well.

I honestly have sort of run out of room to put everything, which is both wonderful and terrible. I really need to make up more of my fabrics into the beautiful things I imagine they’ll become, and stop buying fabric until I make some more room.

… but then within a week a friend on Facebook posted that was having a 50% off sale on their linen… and another acquaintance mentioned that Fabricland was having a 50% off everything sale.

…You see where this is going, right?

From I ended up ordering:

  • 5 yards Black and white skull-print 100% polyester chiffon & 5 yards of soft black 100% cotton voile – for a skull-print lined dress (mundane, not costume) (US$6.99/yard, US$8.99/yard respectively)
  • 3 yards (all they had) of sandy beige herringbone 100% linen – for SCA costume, probably an apron-dress or a peplos style over-dress for my Finnish costume (US$ 7.50/yard) – 58″ wide
  • 10 yards (though they contacted me later to say they only had 9.25 yards) of 100% linen in ‘soft aqua’ – depending on how close the colour is to the colour on screen, I might be able to use it as-is, or if not I’ll dye it, and use it also for SCA costume (US$ 7.50/yard)
  • 5 yards of 100% linen in chocolate – probably for my Finnish costume wardrobe (US$ 7.50/yard)
  • 7 yards (all they had left) of 100% linen in handkerchief weight in light aqua. Like the other aqua linen, I’ll have to see how the colour works out, and perhaps dye it if needed, either way, it’s designated for SCA costume, though I would like to make up a blouse or dress or two that I could also wear for mundane summer days. (US$ 7.50/yard)
  • 3 yards of narrow (34″ width, versus the 52″ width of the other linen) 100% linen in soft mustard. I thought this might make a good wrap for a Roman costume – which a number of ladies have turned to for hot-weather events for the SCA, and seems like a very good idea… I might also consider it for a peplos-style dress, if the width works for me. We’ll see.

From Fabricland I ended up buying:

silks purchased August 2015

silks purchased August 2015

Dark grey/silver dupioni 100% silk – for an SCA underdress, though there won’t be enough, so I’ll likely sew it up with another silk. ($38/meter – 50%)

French blue dupioni 100% silk – to pair with the silver above ($45/meter – 50%)

Light grey/silver dupioni 100% silk – for the same kind of SCA underdress. ($45/meter – 50%)

Pink/orange shot dupioni 100% silk, for trim only – it’s just too bright and bold for anything else IMO on my skin tone. ($40/meter – 50%)

Yvonne Silk Cotton  – green cotton/silk blend (70% cotton, 30% silk) – most likely for a lining ($28/meter – 70%)

Serenity Collection solid blue polyester taffeta for a circle-skirt ($22.00/meter -70%)

Wool purchases Aug 2015

Wool purchases Aug 2015

“Wool Fancies” – Blue tropical-weight 100% wool for $42/meter – 70% – probably will make a Viking Age Norse apron dress from this.

“Wool Fancies” – Olive-green tropical-weight 100% wool for $42/meter – 70%. I’ll possibly do a Tudor kirtle from this.

“Wool Fancies” – Grey-blue tropical-weight 100% wool for $42/meter – 70% – probably will make a Viking Age Norse apron dress from this.




so.. now just to find a place to put all of it, and find the time to sew it all up into lovely things!

I really need to STOP buying fabric for a while!!!!

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