New Viking-style swag

New Viking-style swag

New Viking-style swag

Not too long ago, I placed an order for some sweet new swag for my Viking-Age kit.

It all started when I gave away my favourite Icelandic wolf-head Thor’s Hammer at an event to someone who admired it and mourned the loss of one of his own. I had a few, though when I got home I realized they were a bit different… and I felt a bit uneasy about no longer having the one I really liked.

This meant… I needed to order another one.

…and that led… to shopping!

I picked up three bracelets/cuffs in a torc/torque style with animal heads (wolves and a dragon) and a number of pendants in bronze and pewter.

torc / torque-style animal-head bracelets/cuffs

torc / torque-style animal-head bracelets/cuffs

Two of the bracelets are ‘mens’ sized – and are quite thick. The other is a ‘female’ bracelet, and is much lighter and more delicate. I couldn’t decide between the wolf-head terminal cuff and the dragon-head, so I bought the wolf in ‘male’ and ‘female’, and the dragon in ‘male’.

Viking-style pendants

Viking-style pendants

I haven’t yet looked into the design these two pendants are based on, though I think the round one is similar to the Pitney Brooch. More research is needed here – though if you happen to see this and know… and can save me a step – that would be awesome – please leave a comment below!

Close up of some of the pendants

Close up of some of the pendants

Along with the Icelandic wolf-head hammer, I picked up a hammer in the style of the Gotland eagle/bird head hammer, a figure of Freyr, two Freya pendants, and two different ravens (one of which I recognize… but again I need more research here to see which ones these are based off.)

Now – I just need to find some beads and things to string these up on!


4 comments on “New Viking-style swag

  1. Henrik says:

    As a guy from Norway, the pendant on the left looks like a Urnes style pattern. The one on the right looks more like a bit earlier patterns, like from the Mammen finding.


  2. what website did you buy them from?

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