Free fabrics!

I’m feeling super fortunate! A few days ago one of my former teachers called up and offered me some of her fabrics as she de-stashes her collection. A lot of it is older fabrics, polyesters that I probably wouldn’t wear, but there are also some real treats in here as well.

11 big apple boxes later, I pared her offerings down to just 3 of those boxes, while my mum took another box full for her own sewing. After this, I’ll invite some friends over to go through the stash as well for their own sewing, either for their kids or themselves, and then probably save the remaining unclaimed fabric to donate to the Grandmother’s fabric sale in the spring.

Some of the highlights:


Some of the wool fabrics

Some of the wool fabrics

  • 0.9 m teal wool (suiting weight)
  • 0.9 m kelly green wool (suiting weight)
  • 3m navy/white basketweave (?) wool
  • 3.2 m red/black extra-large houndstooth wool
  • 6+ meters of black and white herringbone wool (wool-poly blend?) (this is the one I’m most excited about!) 
  • 1.2 m subtle plaid wool (suiting weight)
  • Approx 1.2 metres black grey white wool plaid


  • 2.2 meters of tone-on-tone ivory/bone cotton
  • 2 meters off-white loose weave cotton
  • 1+ meter of black cotton broadcloth/voile (?)
  • 2 meters loose weave off-white and brown/tan plaid cotton
  • Unknown length of red fabric-Burns like cotton, smells like wool. Not sure of content
  • 5 meters of brown cotton
  • 4.2 meters black/white fabric-Cotton?
  • 1.8 meters small black and white herringbone cotton


  • 1.7 meters (36” wide) blue-green silk


  • 1 meter dove-grey velour (very little stretch)
  • Approx 2 meters black/white stripe knit
  • 0,9 meters red/white stripe knit
  • 2.2 meters of dark teal knit Matte Jersey
  • 1 meter (64” wide) black, grey, white stripe knit
  • 4 meters very thin (cotton?) white knit
  • 2.3 meters white with black polka dot knit
  • 1.8 meters of ‘nude’ striped/chevron knit
  • 1.8 meters (35” wide) stretchy black and white herringbone
  • 5 meters Rose-coloured polyester knit
  • 1.5 meters red (cotton?) knit
  • 2 meters purple/burgundy velour stretch knit
  • 0.8 meters burgundy/red stretch velour (low-cost stuff)
  • 3.8 meters dark navy polyester knit
  • 1 meter silver swimwear spandex fabric
  • 4.5 meters snake-print knit
  • 0.9 meters off-white rib knit
  • 1.8 meters purple rib knit (24” wide)
  • Approx 4.5 meters pale pink rib knit


  • 1.4 meters ivory polyester crepe
  • 3.6 meters of steel grey polyester crepe
  • 2 meters dark teal green polyester crepe
  • 3.4 meters blue and white seersucker
  • 1.5 white (cotton-poly blend?) twill
  • 4.2 meters (45” wide) rayon brown/black floral print
  • 3 meters (60” wide) black/white twill
  • 3 meters black polyester woven (faille-like)
  • 4.2 meters heavy black polyester woven
  • Approx 1.5 meters of dark burgundy-red cordouroy


She also included some leather garments, which hopefully I’ll be able to re-make into something new for myself!



  • Black leather pants
  • Blue leather skirt
  • Brown suede skirt
  • Pink suede jacket
  • Black embossed leather skirt

(The blue skirt and black pants are the softest, most buttery leather!)

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