December 2015 ipsy Glam Bag

My Ipsy Glam Bag for December arrived yesterday, which was a nice surprise (sort of.. only because I wasn’t paying attention to the calendar) in my mail box. (Better, some of my holiday shopping also arrived, so that was good timing- enough time to wrap stuff up!)

Julie G
Nail Color – PIN UP GIRL

The good: Goes on smoothly, seems to be fine with one-coat (better with two), seems to wear well (so far, I’ve only had it on for a day and a half at this point).

The bad: The colour is really not my thing – it’s sort of a cherry pink… I’d prefer something deeper, darker, and less bright.

Rating: 4/5

tarte cosmetics
smooth operator™ Amazonian clay finishing powder

The good: Seems to be smooth, dulls a bit of shine…

The bad: The container makes actually using the powder pretty much impossible.

Rating: 1/5

Power Of Love Natural Lipstick

The good: Ummmm… I got nothing.

The bad: The colour is the same shade as my lips, so no thanks. This also smells bad. Also it came broken. sooooo…

Rating: 0/5

Jersey Shore Cosmetics®
Vanilla Bean Anti-aging Lip & Hand Polish

The good: Smells great, tastes good, works well for feeling smooth and polished.

The bad: It’s a brown sugar scrub. Honestly… there might be some other chemicals in this, but I can make this in my kitchen. No need to buy it. Anti-aging? LOL

Rating: 5/5 because it’s lovely – but I wouldn’t buy it.

Marc Anthony Hair Care
Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Treatment

The good: This smells like summertime!

The bad: Not sure

The neutral: I just switched conditioners, and my hair is REALLY oily – so I haven’t tried this yet – it smells good, but I can’t say how it will work.

Rating: ?

Want to see what is in YOUR Glam Bag?

If you are thinking of subscribing, use this link: and if you subscribe, I’ll get 250 referral points towards more samples.

2 comments on “December 2015 ipsy Glam Bag

  1. I loved the conditioner! It makes your hair feel amazing 🙂

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