Fabric Shopping in Edmonton

Fabrics from Edmonton's Fabricland

Fabrics from Edmonton’s Fabricland

I headed up with some friends to Edmonton, Alberta to celebrate Yule in the SCA barony of Borealis (it was an amazing, awesome event, with lots of classes which makes me happy!) and on the way back, I convinced our driver to make a quick stop at Fabricland…

Last time I was up there they had the silk brocade I have bought before, albeit in a colour I’m not 100% thrilled with (sort of a greenish orange-gold) but it was full price… this time it was 40% off, so I bought all they had left – 12 meters (I need 10 for the project I have in mind, so the extra two is bonus for other projects…)

Mind you.. I also got a few other things….

From left to right, top to bottom, I bought:

Fabrics from Edmonton's Fabricland

Fabrics from Edmonton’s Fabricland

A remnant of wool-blend.  This hopefully will be great for a hat or other small project. It’s a gorgeous herringbone weave.

Off-white smooth silk. There are a few slubs, but it’s not really noticeable. I’m thinking of this for an over-dress, though I might dye it too.

A beige-gold fairly smooth shot silk. Like the off-white, this is fairly smooth with a few slubs which aren’t particularly noticable, though because of the cross-dye, they are slightly more noticeable than the off-white. This will likely be an underdress, though likewise, I might try overdying it for a more flattering colour.

Upholstery fabric in a gold and red brocade. I forgot to look at the content of this, but I am certain it’s a poly-cotton blend. This is a fairly huge pattern, and my travel companion who specializes in late-period Italian said it would be perfectly suitable for an Italian overdress, so that’s what it will (hopefully, at some point) become… though the underdress I made last year which would coordinate with it wonderfully (the red and gold one) now is way too big on me, and I fear only the sleeves will be wearable at this point.

51% silk, 49% cotton brocade in shades of blue, grey, and gold.  I previously bought some of this fabric at the Calgary Fabricland, and just love it so much I needed to buy more when I saw they had it. However…. I’m not 100% sure what I’ll make with it, so would appreciate any suggestions from anyone who can “see” what this fabric might be suitable for, in terms of historic costuming.

Red and gold (with a tiny touch of green) striped silk. I took all they had on the bolt of this one too, though only because it was far, far less. This will likely just become trim or accessories, though I’d love to do something “Christmasy” with it…

French blue and gold (with a touch of navy blue) silk. This one seems to me to be a Regency overgown… in waiting… 😉

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