Arts & Science championship regalia

Rose appliqué on the bag I made

Rose appliqué on the bag I made

In January I’ll be stepping down as Montengarde’s (The SCA Barony where I live) Arts & Science champion (the Emerald Rose) for the year, and holding a competition to find my replacement. When I won, I received a number of cool items to use for the year  – regalia for the title. I’ve been told that it’s a tradition that each champion adds something to the regalia, so I wanted to make something that I’d be missing when I started, and I thought would make a good addition to the collection.

I decided to make a small purse to add to the regalia.

I used wool coat fabric for the base of the bag, and lined it in 100% linen fabric. I did some hand-stitching with cotton embroidery thread and silk sewing thread.

hand stitching

hand stitching

The strap is finished with a blanket stitch, and the flap is embellished with a rose, in a tone-on-tone appliqué technique. The centre of the rose is slightly padded for extra dimension. The colour of the wool and the rose decoration was of course because the champion is the Emerald Rose! I wanted to put in an internal pocket into the purse as well though – something for those modern requirements like a cell phone. Speaking of modern… in using my own purse for SCA events, I’ve found that a closure was missing – so on this one I added a small magnetic snap. It won’t be seen, but I think will make the purse more secure for the recipient.

I hope the recipient… whoever it might be… likes it! (Along with all of the other super-cool regalia donated by previous champions!)

If you are in Calgary and are interested in coming out to the A&S competition – it will be taking place at Twelfth Night on January 23.  Learn more on the Facebook event!


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