Viking Knit necklace (Appreciation of Skill)

Completed chain with toggle clasp

Completed chain with toggle clasp

In my previous post I mentioned that I’ll be stepping down as Montengarde’s Emerald Rose (The Arts & Science champion for the barony of the SCA I’m in) and part of that step-down is finding a new champion.

At the request of some of the population in our kingdom, I got permission to open up the competition to people who will not be trying to become champion – but would like the chance to compete anyways. I hadn’t originally planned for that, but I thought it would be great to have a gift to give to the “runner up” – regardless if that person is or isn’t a member of Montengarde.

Since my championship project was a piece of Viking Knit (or one of them that is) I decided it would be nice to make a necklace for the winner. It’s a pretty gender-neutral kind of chain, so that would work for a male or female competitor.

The chain before coming off the dowel

The chain before coming off the dowel

I used silver-tone coated copper wire in 24 gauge (from Fire Mountain Gems) and did the chain in single-knit, with four “rungs”. The original chain while still on the dowel was about 42 cm long, and once I took it off and through the draw plate, the final length was 73 cm. Before I pulled the chain through the draw plate though, I captured a bead in the middle of the chain. I did trim it, and added on a modern toggle clasp.

The bead is possibly made of Carnelian – a gemstone commonly used by Viking Age Norse in their jewellery. (I had it in a container with a bunch of other beads, so I don’t know if it’s real or not.) This style (the captured stone) isn’t a style with any kind of documentation that I have found, but I think it’s pretty, and could be wearable in a mundane way – or with garb depending on the winner’s persona.

If you are in Calgary and are interested in coming out to the A&S competition – it will be taking place at Twelfth Night on January 23.  Learn more on the Facebook event!


One comment on “Viking Knit necklace (Appreciation of Skill)

  1. Wow! No wonder you are a Champion!

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