Blue wool apron dress

Blue wool apron dress over a green wool underdress

Blue wool apron dress over a green wool underdress

In early September I was laid off from work (after over 6 years working there) which meant that I had a wee bit of spare time on my hands between applying for a new job and trying to get other things in order.

Of course, this meant spare time meant sewing time!

The first item I made was a wool apron dress.


The fabric is a tropical-weight blue twill weave wool. I bought it at Fabricland. The regular price was $42.00/meter, but I bought it on sale for 70% off (before I got laid off, and didn’t worry about buying wool at $12.60/meter. I bought 3 meters, and have just a small amount leftover (perhaps enough for a bag or hood… ).

I pre-washed the fabric in cool water, spun it out, and hung it to dry.

The banding is two pieces of silk. The blue is a remnant of silk habotai I picked up at Gala Fabrics in Victoria, BC, while the red is leftover silk from my Italian Renaissance dress. As an afterthought I realized that the red had been pre-washed, but the blue had not…. oh-oh. Hope that doesn’t bleed!


I used the same pattern as with my red linen apron dress – however I’ve been loosing some weight lately, so I opted to sew the side seams differently, so that I can take the garment in a bit later. I ended up taking it in right away from the original pattern, and should be able to take it in a bit more in future without messing up the shape of the garment.

Blue wool apron dress over a green wool underdress

Blue wool apron dress over a green wool underdress

Embellishment & finishing

This part of the garment is a bit of a work-in-progress.

I layered some blue and red silk for the top band (which also acts as a reverse facing, finishing the top edge of the garment. While the visible stitching was done by hand (using silk thread – purchased for the blue, and pulled from the fabric for the red), I sewed the internal seams and did my seam finishes by machine. I just know if I try to do long stretches of seams by hand, I’ll end up setting the project aside, never to be finished… (just ask my to-do pile…)

The future embellishment – I have some lovely vine-themed black and grey tablet weaving which I want to add to it, and I also want to make some blue and red four-strand braid to finish the very top edge of the garment. Both of these will just be for the pretty, and I can add into my hand-work pile to be worked on at events or ‘stitch & bitch’ afternoons.

2 comments on “Blue wool apron dress

  1. Dawn, on your apron dresses, do you continue the trim all the way around, or just at the front?

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