Shopping for wool in Calgary


Wool blend (65% polyester, 35% wool)

Although with my recent fabric shopping trip in Edmonton I reallllly didn’t need more fabric, I found myself at Fabricland while working on an upcoming project, and found the PERFECT fabric for it, as well as one of the Historical Sew Fortnightly challenges for 2016…. so… yeah, I bought more fabric.  I’m starting to feel a bit bad about it actually.. I have fabric piled up all around me these days… to the point of making it hard to get to my cutting table!

However, even wool blends are hard to find in Calgary it seems, let alone 100% wool, so I figured I’d pick it  up since it was on sale too…

The new fabric includes:

2.3 (actually 2.7) meters of polyester-wool blend (65% polyester, 35% wool)coating in bright royal blue (regular $14/m, on sale 40% off) – this is the fabric for my upcoming project – a cloak for a Byzantine costume for Twelfth Night.


100% Wool

I also picked up 4 meters of navy 100% wool regular $16/m, on sale 40% off) which I hope will work for a Tudor kirtle.

Wool blend

Wool blend

Additionally, I kept looking and and couldn’t ignore some polyester-wool blend (54% polyester, 35% wool, 7% rayon) in a black/white herringbone regular $24/m, on sale 40% off) which I think will become a late-period over-garment.


Sorry for the photo quality – all photos with an iPhone…

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