Silk Road garb (Part 6 – Necklace)

Necklace for my Byzantine costume

Necklace for my Byzantine costume

After I had completed most of the Byzantine costume, I decided I really wanted to make a necklace in the style of one I saw on Pinterest. While the example is from the 7th Century, and my costume is based on an 11th Century style, I still thought the style was nice, and that I could accomplish something with the same shapes with tools I’m familiar working with.

Direct link from Pinterest

The pendant itself is way more complex than what I could make – but I was going more for the “look and feel” rather than a copy.  I started with doughnut-shaped links in a gold-tone from Fire Mountain Gems, and then also bought a large outer circle link – however it was too small to fit the doughnuts.. booo

I made the outer circle with brass wire, which I shaped around a bead container. I hammered the wire to give it a bit more texture, and make the wiring “catch” a bit better than on a smooth, round wire. I wired the doughnuts with 30 gauge gold-tone coated copper wire (also from Fire Mountain Gems) and inserted four green tourmaline rectangular-shaped beads, and in the middle one pink tourmaline bead.

I would have liked to wire in some pearls as well, but I liked the result, so opted not to go overboard to start off. I did cap off the pendant at the top with a large gold-plated bead, and rolled the heavier gauge wire to create a bail.

One example direct link from Pinterest

For the chain, I saw several Byzantine jewellery pieces that looked similar to Trichinopoly. (See them on my Pinterest page.) I decided to do a piece of Trichinopoly (Viking Knit) to suspend the pendant too. One example is also dated 6-7th Century – a match to the pendant that I was making.

I used 30 gauge gold-coloured coated copper wire to braid/knit/weave the wire into a chain. The chain on my dowel had 5 “rungs” and was 34 cm long. After passing it through my draw plate, and then through my fingers down to a width smaller than my narrowest draw-plate hole, the final result was 83 cm long. I did this in single-knit, so it’s quite fine and drape-y.

I strung the pendant onto the chain after trimming it to length, and added on two emerald green aventurine beads to either side of the pendant.


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Necklace displayed on the Byzantine gown

Necklace displayed on the Byzantine gown

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