Silk Road garb (Part 8 – Belt)

Belt with a long-hanging end

beaded and finished trim turned into a belt

beaded and finished trim turned into a belt

This isn’t an especially exciting part of the costume, but pretty vital to give the outfit some shape – since the dress is quite shapeless. Since all of my other long belts are for my early-period Norse costumes, I needed to make something new (and blingy!) for this one.

This is simply some braid/trim I bought at Bhatia Cloth House a while back while on a fabric-shopping trip with a friend.  I intended to use it on another costume, but then changed my mind, and decided to just put it in my stash… perfect for this belt now!

I didn’t do much here – I had some tan polyester-cotton blend fabric (sort of a bottom-weight sportswear) from the woman who gave me a bunch of her fabric, which I used to back and edge the trim. I added on normal mundane skirt hooks for the belt and for the part that hangs. I thought about doing just a LONG belt that could tie and loop and hang, but it would never hang properly…

Once that was done, I embellished the hanging part with fake pearls in every little loop of the trim – not too many; just a bit of pearl for additional texture and bling… The belt is so sparkly, that it’s possible it really will go unnoticed.  I didn’t want to pearl the belt itself, because I think it will take more wear.

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