TUA class: Introduction to nålbinding

Submitted for Twelfth Night, Montengarde, 2016

Since I won’t be offering a paper hand out for my Nålbinding class at Twelfth Night, I wanted to pre-post the digital notes to my blog in case anyone is interested in attending the class.

If you want to see more of my nålbinding projects (that have been published at least… more are in the works!) click the nålbinding tag link.

Introduction to nålbinding

A textile technique which pre-dates knitting, with examples from Egypt to Scandinavia, this class will introduce the Oslo stitch. Attendees should have time to finish a small project or start a larger one in class. No knitting/crochet experience necessary!

With Drífa at lækjamoti

Maximum 6 students

Cost: Free with your own supplies

Supplies needed: large-eye blunt tapestry needle (Children’s plastic canvas needles work, as would a wood/bone/horn needle for nålbinding). 100% wool yarn, bulky weight. Scissors or snips. (Instructor will have some supplies available to borrow, but if you have your own, you can continue your project after the class!)
Also recommended: notebook & pencil for taking notes, chair.

1 hour block

No hand out provided.


For this class I’ll be introducing the Oslo stitch, a fairly simple nålbinding stitch useful for making a variety of textile items. Viking Age Norse artifacts using nålbinding include mittens and socks, but the modern needle worker could also consider hats, hoods, scarves, shawls, slippers, sweaters, coats, wristbands, etc…

We’ll have enough time in class to start a larger project, or hopefully complete a small one; when you’re first learning nålbinding it is a very slow technique, taking about three-times as long as knitting.

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