Kat Von D lipstick

Kat Von D lipstick

Kat Von D lipstick

Ok.. another beauty-blog post here.. this time trying out the Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick I picked up from Sephora around Christmas. In black! (The colour is called Slayer, and it’s a matte pitch black.)

The good:

  • it smells gorgeous – like creme brulee
  • the packaging is fantastic, I love the black studded look
  • the colour range is awesome – there are a BUNCH of colours I want/want to try… (Poe, Hexagram, Homegirl, Vampira, Motorhead, Mercy…)
  • it goes on reasonably smoothly, with good coverage

The bad:

  • it doesn’t last.. it wears off a lot faster than I’d like, and with such a huge contrast between the dark lipstick and my natural lip colour, it looks a bit off; and I need to re-apply often. Of course, with the dark colour, I also don’t want to apply without a mirror.  It also transfers (even with setting and blotting) REALLY easily.
Kat Von D black lipstick in action on New Years Eve #soGoth

Kat Von D black lipstick in action on New Years Eve #soGoth


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