Photos from Twelfth Night

I was so busy at Montengarde’s Twelfth Night (January 23, 2016) that I didn’t even bring my camera, but one of the guests brings his… and posted some photos online that are public viewing, so I thought I’d share them here! (Directly linked from his Flickr account, all copyright his – if he removes them in future, links will be broken.)

Fashion show contest

During court, I was super-excited to find out that I won the costume contest in the advanced category.


I’m in the blue, and Alice Percy (in the tan)- made the announcement as the Event Stewart. The woman in the pink won in the Intermediate category as well, and the winner of the Beginner category isn’t pictured.


Looking all demure and stuff. 😉

This is my Byzantine costume made for the fashion show and the Silk Road themed event. I only wore it in the evening though, since my A&S projects were from different eras (so of course I dressed up to accompany those entries during the day!).

Read more about my costume through my Byzantine tag.

I haven’t seen any (shareable) photos of the A&S competition yet, but hopefully someone caught some!

2 comments on “Photos from Twelfth Night

  1. Josephine says:

    Wow, is that as blue as in the photo. Fantastic colour! Great outfit. What era is your gat based on?

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