Bails for my homemade pendants

Heart-shaped pendant, with bail

Heart-shaped pendant, with bail

In my previous post, I discussed that I made my own bails for the pendants for my necklace project. A while ago I tested out this with sheet metal (coated copper) and showed the results in this post. My silver arrived, so I used similar steps with the silver as I had done with the coated copper.

The steps I took were:

  1. Cutting lengths of the silver to size using snips intended for metal.
  2. Trimming both ends to a slight curve.
  3. Filing the cut ends so they’re smooth and won’t catch fabrics.
  4. Curling the bail over the shaft of my awl, lining up the curved edges.
  5. Punching a hole in the bail with a punch intended for metal.
  6. Aligning the holes around and over the hole in the pendant (or coin as below).
  7. Using a purchased rivet to set the bail in place using a very small hammer.

I used a needle to align the rivet and the bail/pendant.
I did try to make my own rivet using wire, however I didn’t have the right tool to start the rivet.

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