Finnish coil-embellished apron (part 4: corner motifs)

Completed decorated apron

Completed decorated apron

I made a number of different motifs for my Finnish coil-embellished apron, including four fan-shaped motifs for the corners of the apron.

My first attempt I used braided linen yarn, and the larger diameter brass coils. I followed the design from one of the extant pieces, but didn’t like how it came together as much as I liked the style I’d previously done.

I decided to continue with the larger diameter coils (because the coils on the border of the apron are also the larger variety) but opted to use the linen yarn as-is instead of braided, so that I could pass through the coil work more times to shape the motif.

Beginning a fan-shaped corner motif

Beginning a fan-shaped corner motif

The corner-motif starts with kind of a coffin-shape, using two long pieces and three short pieces. The total fan-shaped motif required 10 small pieces and four long pieces.

I left the yarn tails used from stringing the coils to sew the motif onto the apron when it was ready. Two needles was very helpful to string the coils, because I could work from two sides, rather than having to work from one side to the other.

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