Avacal Arts & Science Championship

Finished pair of nålbinding mittens

Finished pair of nålbound mittens

I’m super-excited to share some really happy news – the recent posts I shared were all leading up to a really big announcement:

I won Avacal (my SCA Kingdom)’s Arts & Science Championship!

You might remember that I posted about my intent to compete back in January – and I’m super happy that I was also able to complete some of my stretch goals to give extra dimension to my projects. Mind you… it also means I still have a long to-do list of things I still want to try!

Now… why is it taking me this long to share?

I had written all the posts about my A&S projects before the championship, but queued them up to post AFTER the competition… (not because I didn’t want to share my process with people, but I just had so many posts to go out before that!)


Several people took copies of my documentation home with them, and I had lots of really great compliments on my research and documentation – along with requests for copies, so I figured I’d load them up here to share with people.

My projects included (click the link for the PDF of my documentation)

Finished pair of nålbinding mittens

Finished pair of nålbound mittens

a pair of nålbound mittens after an 11th century Icelandic find (with additional research on Finnish nålbound mittens)

Heart-shaped pendant, with bail

Heart-shaped pendant, with bail

a necklace in the style of the Finnish 11th century necklace on display at Hameenlinna

Completed decorated apron

Completed decorated apron

an apron in the style of 11th century Finnish coil or spiral-embellished aprons

Thanks to Noah for sending me the link to http://go4convert.com/ to convert my Word documents to PDF format!

3 comments on “Avacal Arts & Science Championship

  1. Josephine Washingtn says:

    Congratulations, just brilliant, and well deserved for someone who puts so much work into research and execution of task, not to nention writing entertaining and informative blog posts.

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