Historical Sew Monthly: Protection

Set of five Jorvik hoods for largess

Set of five Jorvik hoods for largess

The March 2016 Historical Sew Monthly challenge is:

 Protection – make something to protect yourself (from weather or injury) or your clothes (from soiling etc.)

I missed the February challenge because I really just didn’t have the time, not to mention I only had a rough idea of what I wanted to make. Unfortunately I’m not feeling especially historically-inspired this month either. Most of what I’m sewing right now is mundane clothing which I’ve been neglecting for several months while working towards SCA costumes and projects.

Set of five Jorvik hoods for largess

Set of five Jorvik hoods for largess

So… My March entry is pretty minor – a set of five Jorvik – style hoods (Viking Age British Isles) which I made for Largess (gifts in the SCA). From left to right there is a medium-weight black linen hood, a self-lined light green linen-look (likely cotton blend) hood, a dark green linen hood, an unlined light green linen-look hood, and a dark green linen hood with a small bright red silk insertion on the fold-back and red herringbone hand-stitching over it.

Historical Sew Monthly

The Challenge: Protection – make something to protect yourself (from weather or injury) or your clothes (from soiling etc.)

The hoods would offer some protection from cool weather or sunshine, though have only been identified for women in the British Isles, not other parts of the Viking world.

Material: Linen and linen-look cotton, with a small piece of silk

Pattern:  none – based off instructions from a class I took a year ago.

Year: Viking Age

Notions: thread, embroidery thread

How historically accurate is it? The style is correct, though the extant ones were silk, not linen.

Hours to complete: About an hour each between cutting, sewing, and hand-finishing.

First worn:Not yet, not ever… they’ll be given away the next time there’s a call for largess.

Total cost: Free-ish. The fabric was all either leftovers or given to me. The thread was stash.

Other largess

I also made a few other things for largess from the scraps and gifted fabric.

tote bags from leftover and gifted fabric

tote bags from leftover and gifted fabric

I made three small tote bags (kind of half tote, half purse – or it would be a good tote for a child) from gifted and leftover fabrics. I’m actually going to keep the diamond-woven one… and it has an inside zippered pocket for security. The diamond-woven fabric is wool, and it’s lined in dark green linen (the same linen as from the hoods above).

The green bag is cotton, trimmed with the light green linen-look cotton (blend?) from the hoods above. The trim is on the back of the strap, and also binds an free-hanging internal pocket.

The pink bag is a tweed wool, (leftover from my leg wraps) with a stripe of orange-y wool (leftover from my open-front apron dress).

Small largess bags

Small largess bags

I also made a bunch of small linen bags for small largess giving. The three pinkish bags are for me to give away prizes for the Ninny challenge at the end of March, while the purple ones with the Griffin printed on it are my contribution to the challenge (which is animals). The other two printed bags have a different block-printing on them. The printing was all done at a class on block printing during the summer.

3 comments on “Historical Sew Monthly: Protection

  1. Josephine Washington says:

    Great work again Dawn. So how is Largess organised? When are things given away, for other competitions? I find all the SCA heirarchy and terminology so intriguing.

    • Dawn says:

      Honestly, I’m still a little unsure on all of it myself!

      Occasionally there are largess drives, where usually a champion or officer or largess organizer or guild person will put out a call for largess, or hold a competition for largess (I actually have one coming up myself, sort of). However, largess seems to only be acquired and distributed through the royals, and when competitions are held, it seems like the person holding the competition is expected to find/acquire/purchase the prizes. I’ve not had a lot of luck asking people to donate things for prizes, but I’m hoping it will get better, since I’m helping with a LOT of competitions this year! (And don’t want to just leave the prize-acquiring up to the local person I’m helping).

      That being said… it appears that things work differently in different kingdoms – so what happens here in Avacal (Alberta and Saskatchewan) is possibly totally different than anywhere else.

      I find all the hierarchy and terminology confusing myself actually… I know once I’ve been playing longer it will be easier, but there’s a bit of a steep learning curve!

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