Pinterest-win leggings

5 new pairs of leggings!

5 new pairs of leggings!

A while ago I pinned a pattern on Pinterest how to make your own leggings – I figured I’d eventually get around to giving it a try… and in early March, I finally did! (I have been pretty much focused on mundane, everyday clothing lately, after spending so much time and energy working on SCA costumes and projects)

I made up the pattern in a floral fabric that I was given as my mock-up. It’s not a great fabric, but will be just fine to wear around the house or out in the garden come summertime.

5 new pairs of leggings!

5 new pairs of leggings!

Once I tweaked the pattern just a bit, I then made the leggings up in:

  • a silver/purple/gold/green/blue hologram-type spandex fabric
  • black stretch velvet
  • black cotton-spandex with a snakeskin print
  • black cotton-spandex with a sort of embossed leather-look paisley print

The snakeskin ones are definitly my favourite so far.. I’ve already worn them out and about and they’re super comfortable and cute! The paisley is a bit less stretchy so they’re less comfy, but I’m looking forward to making up the pattern in a few more fabrics too!

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