My update to the Ninny

Last April I won a very silly challenge (goofy garb or something like that) at an SCA tavern, which means that this year it’s my turn to pass it along. I picked the theme “Perfectly Preposterous Period Pets” and also had to update the Golden Ninny (the silly award). Since my goofy garb included a ‘horned helmet’ to accompany a thrown-together “Viking-esque” outfit, I decided to do a hat for the Ninny.

The original Ninny

The original Ninny

I made the hat (a hennin) using buckram and gold-coloured silk brocade. I did a hatband of black cotton twill, and even did the little black wire on the forehead as seen in the paintings of this hat style. I did a little veil from the end using a white chiffon with gold threads running through it.

Pinterest image

I originally wanted to do a truncated hennin, (aka flowerpot hennin) but the Ninny’s hair was too tall!

Here’s the final version:

My addition to the Ninny

My addition to the Ninny

(The perspective of the photo makes it look a little shorter than it is though)


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