Drab grey-green wool Norse underdress

Drab grey - green Norse underdress

Drab grey – green Norse underdress

In March I had to do a huge clean-up in my sewing space, and part of that was finding homes for some of the beautiful fabric yardage I’ve acquired since the last time I did a big clean-up and put-away. Of course, cleaning up means that I’m fondling all of those fabrics… and that always inspires me to start sewing again!

I’ve been LOVING my dark green wool underdress, so with some drab grey-green wool, I decided to make up another. This is the same light, tropical-weight wool, bought at Fabricland. I THINK that the original price was $42/meter (ouch!) but bought at 70% off during the summer.

I used the same pattern (or rather, set of measurements for a mostly linear-cut/torn pattern) as the dark green underdress since it fits very well. I won’t go over all of the details, click the green dress link for more info about the pattern!

Oh yes… I also making a few other dresses at the same time…

The horn in the photo at top as well as some other photos in posts to follow, along with the leather holder for it was made for me by my SCA-friend Sigfus đŸ™‚

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