Haul Report: Grandmother’s sale 2016

not-wool fabrics (upholstery, silk, sari, etc) from the 2016 Grandmother's Fabric sale

not-wool fabrics (upholstery, silk, sari, etc) from the 2016 Grandmother’s Fabric sale

Ok.. I promised that I’d share my “haul” from the Grandmother’s Fabric Sale on April 15, 2016. (The sale also ran on Saturday the 16th, but I had a bunch of things to do on Saturday, so I didn’t attend that day.)

I arrived about 2:30, with the doors opening at 3:00 p.m. and already the line up was nearly to the end of the block. Before the line started to move it was already around the corner! Crazy! As we left, the line was just as long… so many people arriving after 4:00 p.m. though when we left for good around 5:30 there thankfully was no longer a line up so people were pretty much going right in. Of course… getting in later means that the BEST stuff is gone, right? 😉

… ok..maybe that’s just my excuse for wanting to get there early, because I got some great things on my second round too.

Haul report – wool

I mostly was going for wools and silks -for costumes. I didn’t find much in the way of silk, but I made out like a bandit when it came to wools – there was SO much this year!

Pictured above:

3.3 m black coat weight textured wool
2 m navy blue coat weight 100% wool
4.2 m grey worsted wool 100% wool, suit weight
3.3 m camel 100% worsted wool  suit weight
4.2 m dull teal herringbone wool  suit weight
3 m gray wool blend(?) suit weight
2 m brown coat weight 100% wool
2 m navy blue coat weight 100% wool
3.2 m denim blue pinstripe suit weight twill 100% wool
2.5 m rust-coloured lightweight coat weight wool
4.6 m hunter green suit weight – fibre content unknown natural possibly wool or cotton.twill
2.5 brown summer weight 100% wool tabby weave
1.7 m burgundy wool/nylon blend(guessing) light weight coat weight
1.5 m brown twill wool(?) Suit weight
1.8 m tan white plaid with colourful stripes suit weight likely 100% wool possibly wool/ silk blend
2.2 m very light coloured camel off white light tan. Very lightweight wool coat weight
2 m light brown 100% wool suit weight gold selvage

Pictured below:

2 m brown wool with  red and white stripe (blanket like)
0.9 m dark olive superfine 100% wool
1.4 m slightly fluffy camel 100% wool

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Pictured above

2.8 m plus some more on the end – peach with teal pinstripe suit weight likely silk
1.4 m shot cotton green and hot pink
3 m rose swimwear spandex
3.4 m light rose or light tan natural fibre. Possibly fine linen.
1.6 m Wedgwood blue  natural fibre. Possibly fine linen.
2.6 m ombre blue with gold brocade. Sari type fabric (bought similar from Fabricland)
4.8 m sheer teal -blue shot with green cotton with gold brocade sari type fabric (plus .8 m scrap of same)
6 m very narrow Wedgewood blue raw silk tag states from Hong Kong
3.5 m very narrow green on green chrysanthemum brocade from Hong Kong. Burn test suggests possibly silk, not synthetic
1 m light silver latex coated spandex. Missing a chunk
1 m black shot silver silk dupioni 1 m additional of bias
2 m red and gold scroll brocade upholstery fabric.
3 m really strange red and black wavy suns brocade? Most likely polyester
3 m red and yellow/gold Lattice upholstery fabric
3 m extra superwide 3 m black and green ash diamond upholstery fabric synthetic
3.5 m “Olivia knit” 90% polyester 10% spandex. Medium brown, very slinky knit. Probably good for lining lace dresses.
Skeen of cow hair yarn 100% new wool from Denmark medium brown
Wood clapper/ pressing board
Sewing kit included pinking shears, tape measure, regular shears, straight pins, safety pins, thread, sewing needles, marking pencil, snippers, and an automatic needle threader

The organizers have gotten really good at crowd control. Although it’s a bit annoying to wait outside, (especially if it starts to rain or is cold)  – but it makes being in the rooms much easier – though it’s still really packed!


One comment on “Haul Report: Grandmother’s sale 2016

  1. Josephine Washington says:

    Wow! You did well, I am very jealous. Sales are restricted in France, two weeks after Christmas, and two weeks in July. Crazy as I get worn out trying to go everywhere and you need a lot of money. I prefer real sales, held when the shops need them, with real bargains. Not stuff bought in for Sale Weeks. Still, mustn’t grumble as I was given a stash by a girl friend retuning to the UK last week. Have fun planning for all that.

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