Another Nålbound hat

Naalbound hat with two different stitches (side view)

Naalbound hat with two different stitches (side view)

A while back I made this new hat using Nålbinding. (Naalbinding) which I wanted to try out a different technique. I used the same yarn as my third naalbound hatLamb’s Pride Bulky, a 85% wool, 15% mohair blend, but this time in a charcoal grey instead of brown heather.

For this hat, I did a panel at the front with sort of a ribbed technique (which actually is basically a reversed Oslo stitch) which shrinks up the front of the hat, while the back is longer – so the ‘hem’ of the hat is a bit nicely shaped for the face. The rest of the hat is Olso stitch.

I did end up making the hat a bit too small for my head, a better fit for other folks who have smaller heads than I do. However when I blocked it – it did stretch out a little bit and fit me a bit better…

I ended up asking my housemate to model it for me (above) because she has a smaller head than I do!

The ‘ribbed’ stitch did take up a bit of difference between it and the straight Oslo area. (Below)

Here are the steps to making the ribbed stitch – it’s basically a reversed Oslo stitch. (Also shown)

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What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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