A&S at Spring Champions

Two beautiful entries for #MyrganWood's A&S championship competition #art #science #SCA

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I was really lucky to find a ride as well as a place to stay to be able to attend Spring Champions in Myrgan Wood (the SCA name for the Barony located in the mundane city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan). It meant that I could participate in the A&S (Arts & Science) display, judge the A&S competition, and hang out with a bunch of really cool A&S people.

I enjoyed watching the Rapier fighters too, and had an amazing feast plus a great court where I was able to see a wonderful artisan join the Order of the Argent Flame (a kingdom-level award for the Arts & Sciences).

#Bardic competition at #MyrganWood #SpringChampions #SCA #Storytelling

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I took a few photos, and thought I’d share them here. Congratulations to all of those who won challenges and competitions at Spring Champions, and thanks to the people of Myrgan Wood for their hospitality!

Two more items joined the display after I took the photo above.

A few more photos are on my Instagram account, which you can find here.


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