Unfinished projects display at Samhain 2016

Samhain 2015 naalbinding display

Samhain 2015 naalbinding display

November 7, 2015 was Samhain for Montengarde (the Barony I live in for the SCA) and for it (as the A&S champion for Montengarde) I hosted an unfinished projects display. I didn’t get a lot of turn out, but that didn’t stop me from nudging people to put their projects on the table and share them.

I’m posting this super-late because I forgot to take the photo off my phone… but here’s my naalbinding (with handspun wool) display from that event.

My display included (left to right) my first set of natural-white mittens naalbound from handspun wool with some of the handspun wool, a naalbound natural grey hat made from purchased yarn, two spindles with handspun wool (alpaca and sheep’s wool) handspun natural-white wool washed and set but not balled (in off-white and pink/purple), and a shawl in progress made with natural-brown purchased yarn.

I was so busy once the day started (hosting two discussion groups, helping in the kitchen, and talking about the display) that I ended up not taking ANY other photos than of mine shortly after I set it up. I took a look for some photos by others but didn’t find them on Flickr… so if you got any snaps of the event and the other items on display – please post a link in the comments below!

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