Istanbul on the Royal Progress

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Our (SCA) King and Queen have chosen to make each major event part of a “Royal Progress” as if they are travelling to place to place around medieval Europe as they travel from event to event within our SCA kingdom.

For June Crown (the tournament that will determine their heirs to the throne) they’ve chosen Istanbul. Oddly enough, for Spring Champions (which I blogged about earlier) they chose Constantinople. Now.. their personas are 11th Century (which works well for me, since my persona is 10th Century Iceland, so it’s not so far off) so for Spring Champions, I simply pulled out my 11th Century Byzantine costume- since Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine empire in the 11th Century. Perfect!

However, I’m a bit stumped when it comes to June Crown, since Istanbul is the MODERN name for the same city (the name seems to have developed in the Ottoman era – 1453–1922 but was used alongside Constantinople and only officially became the name for the city in the late 1920s/early 30s)… So.. my options:

  • Use Miklagarðr for the name of the city – the name the medieval Vikings had for the city and wear my Viking/Norse garb, in the style of the 10th century…
  • Use my Byzantine garb for the event, and consider it Constantinople still in the 11th Century
  • Or pick Turkish costume from the Ottoman era – after 1453 but before the 17th century which is when the SCA time frame “ends”.

I feel like the *intention* of the Royal Progress is probably the last option, so that’s the direction I think I want to go.

So… with just a few weeks before June Crown, it’s time to do some research, some pattern-drafting, some block printing, and some sewing!

Information on the naming and dates for the city from Wikipedia.

6 comments on “Istanbul on the Royal Progress

  1. Josephine Washington says:

    I hope you have time to document it here. Sounds exciting and great to have something different to get your teeth into. So, if you pick your third option will that mean you need to make a completely new outfit? In a few weeks! Help, good luck. I look firward to seeing your Progress for The Progress.

    • Dawn says:

      Yes! I picked the third option, and am puttering away trying to pull together a number of different garments in time! I hope I can make it all happen…. especially since a week after this event is another with ANOTHER costume theme that I’d really like to participate in!

  2. Have you read ‘Byzantium’ by Stephen Lawhead? A Celtic monk is seized by Vikings, and winds up in Byzantium (aka Constantinople, aka Istanbul) – among other adventures.

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