A&S at June Crown – Supply swap tourney

Avacal (SCA) June Crown is June 3-5, 2016, and I’m helping with two Arts & Science (A&S) activities. I know that sometimes a wall of text on Facebook can be overwhelming, so I thought I’d also post here where I can format a little better and hopefully make it a bit more readable.

As a note – I don’t yet have the schedule for when these will take place, but you can follow this thread on Facebook to get updates.

Supply swap tourney

— Have items leftover from a completed project? Wondering how someone else might put those supplies to use? Challenge yourself to use something you might never have picked up for a new project! —



Bring your leftover supplies to June Crown, and drop off Friday evening or Saturday early in the morning. Please mark your supplies with your name,  and an approximate dollar value (retail) of the supplies you are donating to the challenge. (Please affix your tag in a way that will resist wind.) Do NOT include what you used the supplies for in any way. You will be given tokens representing your donation, and a number.  First dropped off – first to pick up!

Examples of supplies you might donate to the tourney:

  • 1+ meters of natural-fibre fabric (for attire, or buckram, canvas, etc)
  • embroidery floss, yarn, ….
  • beads, spangles, or other embellishments…
  • paints, papers, inks…
  • feathers, leather, horn, bone…
  • etc…

At June Crown on Saturday afternoon we’ll allow competitors to come and “shop” the donations. Participants will be allowed to pick up based on their number – lowest numbers ‘at the door’ will be able to “shop” first. (Did you get a low number but aren’t available? Send a mystery shopper on your behalf!) Use your tokens to purchase supplies that inspire you of a similar value to what you donated. (We can not guarantee that there will be an equal value to your donation – your flexibility on this is appreciated.)

Ribbons and trims at the Button & Needlework Boutique in Victoria, BC.


You can shop to the value of your donation – meaning if you donate $30 of fabric, you can “buy” $15 worth of beads and $15 worth of a donated trim (for example). Donations will not be ‘divided’ unless two shoppers can easily come to an agreement of division- we won’t be cutting yardage or counting beads at the event, it will just get too time-consuming and confusing. Please also ensure you note the name of the person who donated the supplies you’re picking up.

Unable to make the event? Send a mystery shopper to drop off and pick up on your behalf!

All ‘unsold’ supplies will be donated into the local area A&S supply kit for future use at the officer/champion’s discretion.

Between June Crown and August Crown – make something new with your new-found supplies! Blend the new supplies with your own stash to come up with something interesting! Dye them, disassemble them, embroider on them… whatever you want!

At August Crown, come and show off what you’ve made with the new supplies. Tag your project with your name, what the item is, what the tourney supplies you used were, how you used them if not obvious, and the name(s) of the person(s) who donated the supplies you used. No documentation necessary. Please affix your tag in a way that will resist wind. If you are unable to attend the event, you may send along your entry with a friend. (Distance entries are welcome.) Drop off your entry for display on Saturday.

Viking Age reproduction beads for sale in the Saga Museum gift shop


BONUS competition – There will also be a prize for the ORIGINAL project that used the supply as well. This does NOT have to have been made in the competition timeline, but can not be something you’ve entered into a Baronial-or-higher A&S competition in the past. No documentation is necessary, but please tag the item with your name, what it is, what the supply is and how you used it if not obvious. Bring this item ONLY to August Crown to enter this competition. Do not bring it to June Crown.

Prize categories:

  • Best project (popular vote)
  • Best use of supply swap material (judged entry)
  • Best original project (judged entry)
  • Most original use of supply swap material (judged entry)

You said TWO activities….

Yep! Check out the other activity HERE – Things I learned at TUA (scheduled to load May 22nd, 2016)


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