A&S at June Crown – Things I learned at TUA

Avacal (SCA) June Crown is June 3-5, 2016, and I’m helping with two Arts & Science (A&S) activities. I know that sometimes a wall of text on Facebook can be overwhelming, so I thought I’d also post here where I can format a little better and hopefully make it a bit more readable.

As a note – I don’t yet have the schedule for when these will take place, but you can follow this thread on Facebook to get updates.

Things I learned at TUA

— A&S tourney showcasing skills you learned at TUA classes —

Stamped fabrics made at Coronation 2015 Ithra class

Stamped fabrics made at Coronation 2015 Ithra class

Grand TUA just passed, and while your mind is still full of great ideas, have a chance to show some of them off! For this challenge, we’re hoping that participants will show off projects that were inspired by TUA classes!

The class does NOT have to be from this year’s Grand TUA, it can be from ANY TUA class you have attended during your time in the SCA. Research documentation not required, but please mark your entry with:

  • Which judging category you would like to enter (you can enter more than one if applicable).
  • Your name and home shire/barony
  • A name/description of your entry
  • The class you were inspired by, the teacher’s name, and where/when the class was held. (Rough memories are ok if you don’t remember details.)

Judging categories:

  • Made in TUA – bring a project that you made during a class from start-to-finish! Our judges will select the most impressive project.
  • Unfinished project – still working on something? Our judges will select the project with the most promise for an amazing finished project.
  • Family project – when youth attend TUA with their parent/guardian, awesome things can happen! Youth are encouraged to show off projects inspired by classes they have attended. Judges will select the most impressive project created by one of our youth (with or without adult assistance).
  • Future champions – thinking of entering your project in an upcoming shire, baronial, or kingdom championship? Bring your project. Documentation is not required, but will be appreciated and may help our judges and populous help you prepare for the upcoming competition. Judges will NOT be choosing a winner in this category, but will provide feedback.
The finished gusset and gore from the 2015 Grand TUA

The finished gusset and gore from the 2015 Grand TUA

Pre-registration (declaration) is NOT required, however those entering the Future Champions category may get the most out of their experience by letting us know in advance so we can ask the assistance of judges who might be able to provide you with topic-specific feedback. Bardic entries are highly encouraged as well! If you wish to enter based on a bardic class you took, please let us know well in advance so we can arrange time and location for your performance to be judged and appreciated.

You said TWO activities….

Yep! Check out the other activity HERE – the Supply Swap Tourney

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