Block printing class May 30

Block printing blocks from Etsy

Block printing blocks from Etsy

As the local A&S (Arts & Science) champion for Montengarde (Calgary) I’m hoping to put together a few A&S related TUA classes over the year at A&S practices and taverns (and some non A&S-related classes too). The first was the Naalbinding class I mentioned previously at May Tavern, and the next is a Block Printing class with Viscountess Morrigan on May 30th, 2016.

You do not need to be a SCA member to attend the class, being held at a private residence for A&S practice. There is no cost to attend. (However if you ARE interested in getting into the SCA, this is a nice low-key way of coming out and meeting some other people involved!)

If you want to block print, please bring:
* Small amounts of natural-fibre fabric (use up some of your leftovers/scraps!) in light or dark colours. Pre-washed and dried without fabric softener.
* Acrylic paint to share (craft-quality paint is fine) in light, dark, or metallic colours (Viscountess Morrigan has a keen fondness for metallics!)
* Textile medium for acrylic paint (if you have it, some will be available to use)
* Some kind of paint tray – this can be as simple as a plastic ice cream bucket lid
* firm foam roller if you have it (some will be available to share)
* Blocks if you have any (some will be available to share)
* Small wooden mallet (if you have it)
* Plastic bag or similar to transport printed fabric
* paper towel

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