Results of A&S at June Crown

My sunshade at June Crown with A&S activities

My sunshade at June Crown with A&S activities

As I write this, I’m feeling rather down and disappointed in (SCA) June Crown, and what I was able to do for A&S at the event. I understand fully that the nature of the event is strongly focused on the Crown Tournament where the Royal Heirs were determined by heavy combat – but I was really hoping in more enthusiastic participation from the A&S community at the event 😦

Of course, being inundated with ticks, tent caterpillars, and other personal challenges didn’t help my feeling after the event. Having to throw out a good number of my camping supplies because of the insect infestation (and thus limiting the camping I’ll be able to do this summer in response) also is bringing me down as well. 😦

Skin crawling…. These things are on EVERY surface. So creeped out 😦

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Supply Swap Challenge

SO… The Supply Swap Challenge.  I wrote about my plans a while ago, and hoped that I could get enough people interested in this, because I thought it was a really cool, fun idea. People I spoke to in advance also thought it sounded like fun, but I had only one participant other than myself who dropped off items… and that person was from outside of the kingdom.

With that in mind, I will not be hosting the second part of the Supply Swap Challenge at August Crown, since there is no one to participate.

Things I learned at TUA

Lady Amelinne d'Yvry's entry

Lady Amelinne d’Yvry’s entry

Of my four judging categories, I had two entrants into this “Things I learned at TUA” mini-challenge (other than my own non-competitive entry). HE Morrigan’s (always) beautiful block-printed fabric won the “unfinished projects” category, while the other from Lady Amelinne d’Yvry, based off the Gores and Gussets class at last year’s Grand TUA also won a prize. There were no youth/family entrants, so I gave away the prize for youth to the children of my Supply Swap challenge participant, since this is the second time I’ve included a youth category and had no competition. (And I don’t want to hang on to the prize over and over again and never see it enjoyed…)

Future A&S activities

Unfortunately, I’ll be unable to attend the next few large events in Avacal (my SCA Kingdom) so I won’t be hosting anything. I have made arrangements to have the A&S Champion of Myrgan Wood host an activity at July Coronation, and have yet to be able to find a host to take care of anything at Montengarde’s Dragonslayer.

With my camping gear needing replacement, it’s likely I wont’ be attending the remainder of the summer’s camping events either  – still being out of work makes justifying their replacement very difficult, and if A&S participation at camping events is unenthusiastic, I suspect my lack of attendance won’t make much of a difference anyways.

Other upcoming events include AT War (which I wasn’t planning on attending due to the cost), Quad War (which I now won’t be able to attend), and Sergentry Trials (which I also won’t be able to attend). After that will be more indoor events, where I’ll have to re-focus my involvement and hopefully will have greater participation.


One comment on “Results of A&S at June Crown

  1. Merciful heaven, those caterpillars! I feel there ought to be some sort of award for not running screaming into the night.

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