Shortening a too-long corset

Frequently I hear more from people with long torsos looking for long corsets, and less for short-waisted people looking for shorter corsets….

Now.. shortening a too-long corset won’t actually work as purchasing a corset that is designed for a short waist (proportions and all of that) but this video has a visual tutorial on how to shorten an overbust corset down into an underbust corset.

The whole video is just over ten minutes – but a LOT of the video is at double-speed, and she only shows one half of the corset, and a lot of steps are skipped in the video (pinning and all of that…) I’d suspect doing this would take about 3-5 hours for someone who had all of the equipment handy. Some of the equipment includes things like a bench grinder, bolt cutters, and bone tips… so not necessarily something everyone just has sitting around.

Like my previous post about how to take in a too-big corset – I don’t think that the amount of work is really worth it… but what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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