June 2016 free fabrics

In early June my former teacher gave me yet another box of fabrics from her stash (she’s given me a few boxes before too….as she tries to de-clutter her own craft and sewing area). This time while I left some fabrics behind (my mum took some, and others I’ll give away, I opted to keep the following:

2.1 meters of burgundy-red fabric.
Interesting weave, most likely cotton.

2.3 meters of brown single-faced Melton,
wool-synthetic blend

3 meters of brown and white basket-weave
Burn test indicates this is synthetic

2.7 meters of gray and black micro plaid synthetic

0.9 meters of light olive green wool

1 meter of extra large blue/black/white plaid.
This has a handwoven texture, and appears to be cotton

0.75 meters of pink and white micro plaid Cotton

0.75 meters of black and green plaid cotton

1.85 meters of black and white houndstooth cotton

1.7 meters blue chambray cotton

1 meter of gray/burgundy/white plaid wool

scraps of yellow/red gray/brown plaid wool
This was a dress-in-progress that the sewer never finished, but there are some large enough pieces to possibly work with….

All measurements were taken AFTER I washed the fabric in hot water/delicate cycle and tumbled them dry with heat (to pre-shrink the fabric in advance before I make anything with them).

I’m not entirely sure what to DO with all of it mind you.  The brown single-faced melton-like cloth would make a good cloak, but I don’t need/want a wool-blend brown cloak. The olive wool is gorgeous, but not enough to make a garment out of. The grey/burgundy/white plaid wool is awesome – it’s super cushy and soft… I’d LOVE a coat out of it, if only there were a few more meters.. LOL

I DID however end up bundling up four of the fabrics to give away as prizes at Silverwolf (an SCA event) – hopefully they found good homes!

Have ideas?

What do you think I should do with some of this? If I don’t come up with anything I might give some of it away as well; my boxes of stash-fabric are spilling over right now… I have more than I can store!

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