SCA 50 year A&S challenge

11th Century Byzantine costume (without the cloak)

11th Century Byzantine costume (without the cloak)

The SCA 50-year celebration is this June 17-27, and for it, Lady Albreda Aylese sent out a challenge (according to websites I read… since this happened in 2007, long before I joined the SCA!)

She proposed a breadth and depth challenge (participants could pick one, the other, or both). The depth challenge was to create or do 50 of any one thing. For example:

  • Make 50 pairs of shoes
  • Pen 50 scrolls
  • Cast 50 coins
  • Make 50 pieces of garb
  • Judge 50 competition entries
  • Teach 50 classes
  • Perform 50 songs
  • etc….

The breadth challenge can either be trying new things, or doing things related to your persona(s).

Notes from Ercc Glaison.

Since I came in pretty late… (though I’ve been working on things THINKING about this for a while) I didn’t know if I’d be able to reach the goal, but I figured I’d try….

Depth challenge – Largess

Set of five Jorvik hoods for largess

Set of five Jorvik hoods for largess

For the depth challenge I decided to try towards donating 50 pieces of largess or competition prizes – though as the deadline got closer, I figured that I’d include not just things I made, but also things I purchased.

Made (or assembled or embellished)

Current sub-total: 101


  • 3 purchased “bardic amplification devices”
  • 3 spray fans for camp events
  • 4 books
  • 3 emergency garb repair kits

Current sub-total: 13

Current total: 114

Not all of the items have been donated/distributed, nor will they all be in time for the deadline, but they’ve been made/embellished/purchased and allocated, so that’s what is important to me!

Breadth challenge – items towards my main persona

Dark gren apron dress with grey-green underdress

Dark gren apron dress with grey-green underdress

My main persona is 10th century Icelandic, (despite my wanderings in other times and places) so I decided to create or try things related to that. I haven’t been strictly “Icelandic” though, but rather Norse, and not strictly 10th century… I also dabbled in 11th century with some semi-generic ‘early period’ tossed in there for good measure – largely because they were things I needed/wanted but couldn’t find direct evidence for my persona.

  1. Silk hood
  2. White wool hood
  3. Plaid wool hood
  4. Plaid wool hood
  5. Linen hood
  6. Linen hood
  7. Linen hood
  8. Handspun mittens (first attempt)
  9. Naalbound hat with two different stitches (side view)

    Naalbound hat with two different stitches (side view)

    Handspun mittens (second attempt)

  10. Naalbound hat
  11. Naalbound hat
  12. Naalbound hat
  13. Naalbound shawl (work in progress)
  14. Naalbound bag (work in progress)
  15. Bling bags (multiple)
  16. Temporary oval brooches
  17. Festoon
  18. Festoon
  19. Festoon
  20. Neckline brooch (small)
  21. Neckline brooch (large)
  22. Black underdress (linen)
  23. Brown underdress (linen)
  24. Blue underdress (linen)
  25. Drab grey - green Norse underdress

    Drab grey – green Norse underdress

    Green underdress (linen)

  26. Blue linen apron dress
  27. Red apron dress (linen)
  28. Black apron dress (linen)
  29. Green underdress (wool)
  30. Grey-green underdress (wool)
  31. Blue apron dress (wool)
  32. Green apron dress (wool)
  33. Grey-green apron dress (wool)
  34. Basketweave coat (linen)
  35. Houndstooth coat (wool)
  36. Black and white coat (wool)
  37. Coil-embellished apron (first)
  38. Coil-embellished apron (second)
  39. Peplos dress (wool)
  40. Norse menswear shirt
  41. Norse menswear pants
  42. Norse menswear pillbox style hat
  43. Norse menswear “santa” hat
  44. Leather pouch
  45. Norse menswear leg wraps (work in progress)
  46. Haversack
  47. Open front apron dress (without the apron panel)

    Open front apron dress (without the apron panel)

    Open-front apron dress (wool)

  48. Hanging apron panel (burgundy wool)
  49. Hanging apron panel (emerald rose – wool – work in progress)
  50. Coil-embellished hat (work in progress)
  51. Viking knit necklace (first version)
  52. Viking knit necklace (second version)
  53. “Viking” honey nut dessert
  54. “Viking” bulgur wheat porridge
  55. Feast gear basket (work in progress)
  56. Soapstone spindle whorl

Breadth challenge – items/activities NOT towards my main persona

My finished Italian costume... done with the Fresco filter :)

My finished Italian costume… done with the Fresco filter 🙂

I decided to also try to track some of the things I’ve done that weren’t directly related to my main persona.

  1. Italian dress
  2. Italian over dress
  3. Italian temporary chemise
  4. Italian pocket-bag
  5. Italian necklace
  6. Italian sleeves
  7. Italian sleeve brooch
  8. Lacing points
  9. Italian reta (headwear)
  10. Purse shaped like a lute
  11. Bling bags (multiple)
  12. Lucet cord
  13. Linen veil
  14. Byzantine collar
  15. Byzantine hat
  16. Byzantine cuffs
  17. Byzantine over-dress
  18. Byzantine chalmys
  19. Byzantine belt
  20. Byzantine necklace
  21. Silver silk underdress
  22. Green sideless surcote

    Green sideless surcote

    Green sideless surcote

  23. Blue silk sideless surcote
  24. Horned henin
  25. Brooch for horned headdress
  26. Dance (at tavern when I feel like it)
  27. Dance (at events when I feel like it)
  28. Singing at bardic circles when I feel like it
  29. Occational participation at Culinary Night
  30. Block printed tote bag for classes
  31. Roman dress and shawl
  32. Tudor “smurf” hat (2)
  33. French Hood
  34. French hood (work in progress)
  35. German Goldhaube (One good one and two muslins)
  36. German Tellerbarret
  37. Block printed and painted heraldic device pennants
  38. Handsewn linen camicia (work in progress)
  39. Parasol
  40. Lifting my hems to show off the Shalwar

    Lifting my hems to show off the Shalwar

    Turkish vest

  41. Turkish coat
  42. Turkish pants
  43. Turkish hat (and belt)
  44. Turkish jewellery
  45. Green diamond bliaut (work in progress)

I considered also putting volunteer tasks in this category -but I didn’t want to feel like I was volunteering just to check something off my list, so I’ve omitted them.

I didn’t quite meet my goal of 50 things here… though there are a few other works in progress I’ve likely forgotten about and haven’t included.

Works in progress

I’ve included works in progress above, because in most cases these are done, or will be done soon, but I haven’t yet had the chance to publish blog posts about them.

Breadth challenge – TUA/Ithra classes

Stamped fabrics made at Coronation 2015 Ithra class

Stamped fabrics made at Coronation 2015 Ithra class

The last thing I wanted to do was attend 50 classes – however this one was bit harder since they’re pretty much only happening at events, and I can’t get to every event, nor can I always devote the time to getting to lots of classes when I AM at events. Still, I thought I’d try to get to 5o classes before the 5oth year celebration.

Classes attended

# Class name Location & date Instructor
1 Persona development Quad War X, 2005 Alis Taliran de Perigord
2 Primitive metalworking (silver ring) Quad War X, 2005 HL Neegahnee onji Boweting
3 Introduction to bookbinding Quad War X, 2005 HL Aelana Cordovera
4 Basic inkle loom Clinton War, 2005
Lady Arianna Freemont
5 Henna artwork Clinton War, 2005
HL Elanor Wrenn
6 Celtic knotwork Clinton War, 2005
Lord Gabriel of Rockhaven
7 Beginning Belly Dance Clinton War, 2005
Sayyideh Atira al Kahwala
8 Dublin & Jorvic Hats Samhain, 2014 Brenda G / Bree
9 Basic historical overview of hats & headdresses Samhain, 2014 HL Brangwayn the Everpresent
10  Why is it Blurry? (Photography)  Beltaine, 2015 Henery of Bohemia
11  Bookbinding  May Tavern, (28/5/15) Susan ‘Bryjna’ Burney
12 Basic Leather Stitching  Coronation (June 2015)  Myfanwy Glanmorfa
13 All the Pearls!  Coronation (June 2015)  Dragoslava Vladislasa
14 Printing on Cloth  Coronation (June 2015)  HE Morrigan
15 Silk Painting  Coronation (June 2015)  Finna Ingasdottir
16 Spinning on a Spindle  Coronation (June 2015)  Nan
17  Intermediate Tailoring Dragonslayer (July 2015)  Caterina ect.
18  Introduction to SCA bardic Dragonslayer (July 2015)  Skeld the Peacemaker
19  Paint like an Egyptian  Bitter End Harvest Feast (September 2015)  Baroness Una
20  Finger looping  Festival of the Snow Eaters (October 2015)  Sarah Stewart
21  Spinning  Festival of the Snow Eaters (October 2015)  Rosanna Francis
22 Beginning Calligraphy Fall Grand THUA (TUA) 2015 Arnaut de Najac
23 Court Life and Country Lore Fall Grand THUA (TUA) 2015 The Tudor Tailor (Ninya & Jane)
24 Cut Thy Cloth Fall Grand THUA (TUA) 2015 The Tudor Tailor (Ninya & Jane)
25 Gather Thy Thoughts Fall Grand THUA (TUA) 2015 The Tudor Tailor (Ninya & Jane)
26 How to Set in Gussets and Gores Fall Grand THUA (TUA) 2015 Amelinne d’Yvry
27 How to Start an Embroidery Project Fall Grand THUA (TUA) 2015 Baroness Isobel atte Wode
28 Sign Herald Round Table Fall Grand THUA (TUA) 2015 Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh and Tommaso Tiepolo
29 Slash Thy Sleeves Fall Grand THUA (TUA) 2015 The Tudor Tailor (Ninya & Jane)
30 Spend Thy Shillings Fall Grand THUA (TUA) 2015 The Tudor Tailor (Ninya & Jane)
31 Spice Usage and Modern Food Pairing Fall Grand THUA (TUA) 2015 Arwyn of Leicester
32 St.Brigitta’s cap  Borealis Yule 2015  Corryn of the Wode
33 Period Cooking Explorations Borealis Yule 2015  Inga & Mia
34 Introduction to Voice Heraldry Borealis Yule 2015  Bjar the Blue
35  Junior Marshal Archery class Borealis Yule 2015 Henry of Bohemia
36 Tea 101, Myths and Types Borealis Yule 2015 Henry of Bohemia
37 Block printing  May 5th Monday (2016) A&S practice  HE Morrigan
38 Lucet Weaving – Learn how to use a Lucet  June Crown 2016 Her Majesty Helene
39 Basic Documentation 101  Silverwolf 2016  Brangwayn the Everpresent
40 Beginner soap stone Carving   Silverwolf 2016  Philippe de st-Denis
41 Judging A&S competitions   Silverwolf 2016  Kataryna Tkach
42 Laurel talk and discussion   Silverwolf 2016  Laurels of Avacal
43  Heraldry – devices  June 2016 tavern  Beotuck & Wilma

Unfortunately I didn’t meet my goal of 50 classes here either – but close! Hopefully I’ll be able to attend more in the future!

Other participants

I had a lot of fun reading about the other people participating in the challenge who also blogged about there experiences.

Here are just a few:
Giata Alberti

The Facebook group

Ercc Glaison

“More than cod”

Euriol’s medieval cuisine

Solveigas’ challenges

An assortment of personal challenges

A stashbusting challenge








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