Red and black bin cover

Bin cover for camping events

Bin cover for camping events

Before I went camping with the SCA this season I wanted something to cover my big plastic bins to make them a little less ugly (especially since I’d be camping with someone who has a period tent and all of that…). I bought this red and black fabric at the last Grandmother’s Fabric sale – I liked it, but wasn’t sure what to do with it.. plus there wasn’t a LOT of it.

So – they became bin covers! I traced the lid, and then cut a panel of straight fabric (using the selvage as the hem) and sewed it to it, leaving a gap… and then filling that gap with a smaller panel – this means I can kind of reach through the “curtain” to tuck small things under the skirt without upseting the rest of it…because the bins are angled – not straight.

Super simple… and the caterpillers at the first camping event seemed to like them! ew!

Skin crawling…. These things are on EVERY surface. So creeped out 😦

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