Montengarde Arts & Sciences championship competition 2017

The short version:

Silver necklace

Silver necklace

Present one historically-informed piece, and one historically-inspired piece in a roundtable format with other competitors at 12th Night in Montengarde (Jan 21, 2017). Documentation limited to a single page. Declaration must be made by December 31, 2016. Single and non-competitive entries also welcome.

The detailed version:

Entrants looking to vie for the championship must present:

  • 1 historically-informed piece
  • 1 historically-inspired piece

Documentation is limited to a maximum of one single-page, typed (not including graphics). Point-form documentation is acceptable. The intention is to allow judges to read all of your documentation easily and quickly.

  • For Research Papers, there is no maximum page limit, but your paper MUST include an executive summary, and must be submitted 10 days in advance.
  • Unique documentation/presentation methods (powerpoint presentations, etc) are welcome, but you must provide all required elements (laptop/tablet, power, etc..) and inform me of your intention in advance. I can not guarantee access to power, etc. You must provide a way for your judges to review your documentation after your presentation without you.

The judging will be done in the same fishbowl/discussion/roundtable format as last year’s competition. Competitors will sit in on one another’s sessions – this is intended to create a collaborative, supportive experience, where all competitors will have the chance to provide feedback to one another.

The time allowed for each competitor to present their work and answer questions will be determined by how many competitors we have, and the time slot allotted by the event autocrat. Competitors will be informed before the event how much time they’ll have, but should aim for a presentation of about 2-5 minutes, and answering questions of about another 10-15 minutes. Bardic entrants should be able to present their piece AND discuss it within the presentation time window.

Participants must provide copies of their documentation to each of their judges (and student judges if applicable) on the day of the competition.

Once the competitor has presented his/her work, and answered questions, the competitor can leave the area (but stay on site) and judges can discuss the work. Judges should score independently, and then discuss to add greater value to comments if needed. No one judge should influence the scores of another. Remember you’re evaluating someone’s dreams and pride – be kind, be helpful, and be supportive!

Single entries and non-competitive entries

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials - focus on my naalbinding

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials – focus on my naalbinding

If you are interested in experiencing competition but aren’t yet ready to take a baronial title, already hold a title in another area and aren’t able to hold another title, are outside of Montengarde, or are not an SCA member and thus are ineligible to hold a championship title… you can enter a single entry for comment!

Competitors who are vying for the championship WILL be given priority however when it comes to time and space allocations. Please be aware and understanding.

Single entries may enter either of the two categories – historically-informed or historically-inspired.

Rubric & judging form

Included are the Rubric and Judging form for your review in advance. Please note that the Rubric is designed for projects other than research papers and performances. If participants declare intention for either of these, I’ll load up supportive rubrics for these projects as well. The rubric is based off the Borealis rubric, so you can use that as a baseline to start your project.


All competitors and non-competitors must declare their intention to participate by sending an email to me, the current A&S champion (champion_of_artsci [at] avacal [dot org]) as well as Their Excellencies excellencies [at] montengarde [dot org].  Please include:

  • The project(s) you will present (so I can find relevant judges)
    • If you are making a culinary/cosmetic entry, please provide a list of ingredients so I can alert judges with allergy concerns.
    • Please identify which is the historically-informed, and which the historically-inspired piece.
  • Your society name (if you don’t have one, your mundane name)
  • The phonetic pronunciation of your society name (for our heralds)
  • Any conflicts that might exist for judging.
    • Example, if you are an apprentice or student to a Laurel who would be biased in judging you. Simply “a conflict exists between myself and so-and-so” is sufficient; I don’t need to know why.

The winner of the competition must have a current SCA membership and must maintain the membership for the duration of your one-year term. You must also host the championship to find your successor at the end of your term. The only other duty of the champion is to support and encourage A&S within Montengarde!

Declarations must be made by December 31, 2016.

This will give me time to find awesome judges for your entry, and design a schedule for display/etc.

Day-of responsibilities

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials

Competitors will present themselves to Their Excellencies in advance of the competition, to declare your intention to compete with honour in person. Your inspiration may accompany you.

All participants and judges are required to attend a pre-competition discussion, where we’ll review the rubric and the competition categories, as well as answer any general questions. All participants are required to sit in on the complete session that they are scheduled for. Please arrange for any childcare/etc you’ll need to devote your full attention to your judges and fellow participants. Please consult the schedule in advance (when available) to ensure you don’t double-book yourself. The competition should be your priority for the day. This MAY run over lunch (depending on the schedule) so please consider bringing yourself snacks/drinks to keep yourself healthy throughout.


A “historically-informed” piece is something that is informed by research. You have done the best job you can to make something based on something used in period, using period tools and methods as much as possible. (Within allowances for cost, availability, safety, etc)

A “historically-inspired” piece is “period-ish”, or an SCA-ism. Something that doesn’t necessarily celebrate the culture of a real time and place, but as our ‘current middle ages’, and the culture of the SCA. It may also be something you WISH were documentable, or you speculate could have existed, but evidence doesn’t completely support your project. This could be a “in the style of…” item as well.

Youth competitors

It is my belief that youth can enter this competition and be judged equally alongside their adult counterparts. There will be no special allowances for youth, nor a special youth category.  

Youth must be supervised throughout the process from research to judging by a parent or guardian. Should the youth win the championship, the parent/guardian must be willing to support the youth in their duties as champion throughout their term, including hosting the event to find their successor. Youth, like all competitors, must have the approval of Their Excellencies to enter the competition.

– Dawn/ Drífa at lækjamoti

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