For future Montengarde Emerald Roses

The non-competing displays at Silver Arrow

The non-competing displays at Silver Arrow

Did someone send you this link? Then consider this their (and my!) encouragement that you consider vying for Emerald Rose of Montengarde! (Specifically for 2017)


Because you’re awesome! Because you are doing amazing, wonderful things in the Arts & Sciences, and they think that you should let everyone else know, show off a bit, put yourself to the challenge, and have the opportunity to meet other people passionate about the Arts & Sciences who can help you along your way!

Competing isn’t just about winning a title, a bit of shiny, and having the chance to stand behind the thrones and get a brand-new perspective at court (though those are all cool things too!) – it’s also a chance to meet with judges and interested people who have unique perspectives and knowledge about areas that you are interested in. You can learn a lot and get inspiration for future projects!

Competing at a baronial level (or shire) is also a good testing ground if you’d like to compete at higher levels.

But I’m too new!

psh! I competed when I’d only been intentionally playing for 6 months or so, and, just like Ryan Gosling – your friends believe in you!

What should I enter?

What are you passionate about? What are you curious about? What do you want to explore more of? What do you want to geek out with some like-minded people about? Bardic, culinary, fibre arts, research papers, metalsmithing, woodworking, and all other arts & sciences are welcome!

You can enter something you’ve been doing for years and think you’ve finally really gotten the hang of – or something that’s totally new to you that you’re super-curious to learn more about!

But… I don’t know how to do documentation/research

No problem! You will need to do some research and documentation for the competition, but there are lots of people who can help – head to your local library (especially one at a university) and chat with a librarian. Did you know that at the MRU library, you DON’T need to be a student/staff/faculty to access their complete collection including online journals/resources? The Calgary Public Library card is FREE, and can get you access to the free Alberta-wide library loan service too.

Come talk to ME if you’re struggling. I won’t do your research or documentation for you, but I can totally help you out, give you advice, hold your hand, give you encouragement, or try to introduce you to cool people who could do the same.

Chat with the Laurels of Avacal, your friends, former competitors and champions… they’re all great resources to get you started or help you polish what you already have.

Read the minimum and maximum requirements of the competition – it’s not as complicated as you might think.

Read the research & documentation of some previous competitors – this might give you a great idea for format and organization.

Ok… I’m sold, but I’m still nervous…

I’ve got you covered there too.

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials - focus on my Finnish Coils Work In Progress

A&S display at Avacal Sergeant Trials – focus on my Finnish Coils Work In Progress

I found the notion of competing pretty nerve-wracking too, so when I went to Winter War, I participated in the Unfinished Projects challenge. I didn’t “win”, but found it helped settle my nerves a bit, and I got great feedback that helped inform my research and documentation for when I DID compete…. at events leading up to Twelfth Night I’m working with A&S champions, defenders, and coordinators at upcoming events to try to host other competitions, challenges, and tournaments – consider entering one of them!

Likewise, in months leading up to the competition, I’m trying to host/facilitate a few different TUA classes/facilitated discussions to help people prepare for the competition. Consider attending!

Stay tuned for more information about all of this.. more details will come soon!

I’m ready to compete for Emerald Rose!


Here’s the format for the 2017 Montengarde Arts & Sciences competition. Click here!

– Dawn/ Drífa at lækjamoti

One comment on “For future Montengarde Emerald Roses

  1. Josephine Washington says:

    Very convincing article, well done, I nearly clicked!! I would too if I lived in Canada or the US, but I am in a kingdom, far, far away in France. I hope you whip up some interest as you do fantastic things, and there must be others out there that would love to get involved in such an absorbing and social hobby. Good luck!

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