Heraldry & scribal display at Samhain

In addition to the Apprentice’s tournament at Samhain 2016, there will also be an additional A&S display:

Heraldry & Scribal display at Samhain

Everyone is encouraged and welcome to come display their heraldry & scribal work!

Time: Morning, November 5. From doors opening until 12:00 noon
Location: Upper hall, with the Apprentice’s Tournament (we will be using the same space, one side of the room will be for the tournament, and the other will be used for the display.)
Space: Table space will be provided.  No banner-stands (etc) are available, however if you have free-standing banner stands, feel free to bring them. No damaging tacks, tape, etc are permitted on the walls.

Direct link from Pinterest

Direct link from Pinterest

Possible items to display:

(please don’t be limited by this list.. this is just to give you jumping-off ideas!)

  • Heraldic devices
    • Items you’ve put your heraldry (device or badge) on
      • boxes, bags, chests
      • shields, favours
      • parti-coloured cotehardies, cloaks, etc
    • Devices or badges emblazoned using:
      • carving, cutting, tooling
      • illumination, painting
      • stained glass, lampwork,
      • embroidering, applique, weaving etc
    • Banners with your device/badge
      • Unique ways of hanging or displaying banners or pennants
  • Persona name
    • Anything you’ve put your name on:
      • Painted in runes on your camping stool
      • Illuminated on the inside of a favourite book
      • Carved into your drinking horn
      • Burned into a wood box, etc
        • Please feel free to include a short note about why you chose the name you did. Your name does not need to be registered to include.
  • Scribal
    • Illuminated scrolls, inked charters, OR photos of scribal work you’ve done that has already found another grateful home.
    • Paints or inks you’ve created
    • Samples of papers or other materials you’ve worked on, gold work, or calligraphy
    • Samples of period and non-period tool alternatives you use
    • Paintings in the style of period illuminations or paintings
Image taken from Pinterest

Image taken from Pinterest

No documentation is necessary.  All research levels of work is welcome – from historically-informed to joyful fantasy. All levels of skill are welcome – from novice ‘first time with a paintbrush & acrylic paint’ to expert master works.

All display items should be accompanied by your name, home barony/shire, and any relevant information you’d like to include.

Participants should feel free to drop off their items in the morning, and pick them up at lunch – you don’t need to stay with your projects; feel free to go and enjoy the rest of the event if you wish! You are also welcome to hang out in the area and chat with people about your project.

PLEASE pick up your items before the Bardic competition starts – this space will be reserved for their use. Items not removed when the competition starts may be put off to the side.

Please note that this will be happening in the same space at the same time as the tournament, so please be respectful of the presentations and judging that may be happening as you drop off, pick up, or discuss the work.

NO pre-registration is necessary, however if you know you’ll be participating I’d appreciate a heads-up in advance, simply so I can have enough space set up in the morning.

Thanks to Tomas De Courcy for the idea for this display!


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